Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ball pictures and more!

I have 50 followers!!!! I can’t believe it! FiveZero = 50! Yahoo!!! Thank you all for following my blog, I hope you enjoy it, even though I do fail to post quite often. :P

I suppose you might be wondering where I’ve been, well I’ve been to Illinois to visit some friends and attend a conference by the Institute on Religious Life at Mundelein Seminary. I stayed with Claire and her family, and while at the conference on Saturday met up with Rose, Kathleen, Yaviel, Jo March, and several girls from camp.

On Friday, I took a bus (Greyhound/Indian Trails), for the first time, down to Indian where I was picked up by Mrs. H., Saturday was the conference, Sunday Claire and her sister Veronica sang in a concert (drop dead gorgeous), and Monday I came home on another bus.

Now, I try to keep my promises, so here are the long over due pictures from the ball! :)

^Left to right bottom row: Emmy, Rachel, Danny
Left to right top row: Dad, David, Friend, another Friend, Me, and Hannah

^ Danny and the Loyalist (Mike)

^ The Grand March!

Danny: Will you marry me?!
Girls: No!
David: What are you insane?

Danny: She loves me...she loves me not...she loves me...
"...she loves me not! Yes, freedom!" :P

^Hannah's hair: she curled it, pony tail, flipped under sideways, and decorated with flowers

^ My hair two French braids wrapped into a bun and decorated
side view of my hair

Having fun

Rachel's hair: A side rope, a side french braid, bun, small french braid underneath the bun, and flowers

Emmy's hair: ringlets, and two small rope braids with flowers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This post is for the boys. My brothers. Sometimes I’ll mention a brother’s name and you may not know which one I’m talking about so this is that you won’t get confused.

Danny is 14 (soon to be 15), and has officially reached 6 feet.

And you get an extra picture of Danny because I couldn’t decide which picture to pick.

David is 13 and has recently passed Hannah in height.

Tony is 11 and speaks Donald Duck fluently.

Gabriel is 9 and want very much to become a priest when he grows up.

There you have it! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Hannah!

Dear Hannah,
Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Hannah! Happy birthday to you! And many more.....;)

Hannah you are a such a beautiful young lassie with a stunning smile and bright blue eyes...

You make much better faces than I do :P...
You are a great actress and pirate...

And that most wonderful, considerate, caring, talented, thoughtful, and beautiful sister in the world! God must have loved me an awful lot, because He gave me you for a sister.

I love you Hannah!