Thursday, February 5, 2009


"What," you might be asking, "is a FOMUBA?!" Up to this morning I had no idea, too! However, after much research(:P), this is what I discovered on Trina's blog: The gist of the story is this: some of her [Trina's mom] friends left comments on her blog that said that she "rocked". So she took it literally and made an "Eye rock", then got a grand idea to make an award out of it. Thus, the "Fake, Totally Made-Up, Blog Award" a.k.a, FOMUBA, was born.And there you have it! And Trina awarded it to me!!! Thank you Trina, dear!!!

I hereby award: Amanda, Lanta and Bridget, and Elena, because I think their blogs rock!!! ;)

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Rose said...

Ha ha, thank you my dear! You rock too!

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