Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pirate Quotes!

Today me mates Ah'm goin' to post some of me favorite quotes from the curse fo the Black Pearl. A warnin' to all of ye: if ye haven't seen the movie this won't be as funny.

Murtogg: This dock is off-limits to civilians.
Jack Sparrow: I'm terribly sorry, I didn't know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately.
[Jack makes to continue but is blocked by Murtogg and Mullroy]
Jack Sparrow: Apparently there's some sort of high-toned and fancy to-do up at the fort, eh? How could it be that two upstanding gentlemen, such as yourselves, did not merit an invitation? Murtogg: Someone's got to make sure that this dock stays off-limits to civilians.
Jack Sparrow: It's a fine goal, to be sure. But it seems to me... that a ship like that one, makes this one here seem a bit superfluous, really.
Murtogg: Oh, the Dauntless is the power in these waters, true enough. But there's no ship as can match the Interceptor for speed.
Jack Sparrow: I've heard of one, supposed to be very fast, nigh uncatchable: The Black Pearl. Mullroy: Well, there's no real ship as can match the Interceptor.
Murtogg: The Black Pearl is a real ship.
Mullroy: No, it's not.
Murtogg: Yes it is, I've seen it.
Mullroy: You've seen it?
Murtogg: Yes.
Mullroy: You haven't seen it.
Murtogg: Yes, I have.
Mullroy: You've seen a ship with black sails that's crewed by the damned, and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out?
Murtogg: No.
Mullroy: No.
Murtogg: But I have seen a ship with black sails. [Jack quietly slips passed them unnoticed] Mullroy: Oh, and no ship that's not crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out could possibly have black sails, therefore couldn't possibly be any other ship than the Black Pearl. Is that what you're telling me?
Murtogg: [nods] No.
Mullroy: Like I said, there's no real ship as can match the Interceptor.

Will Turner: You cheated.
Jack Sparrow: Pirate.

Jack Sparrow: [to Weatherby Swann] I think we've all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.
Jack Sparrow: I want you to know that I was rooting for you. Know that. [to Commodore Norrington]
Jack Sparrow: Elizabeth... it would never have worked between us darling. I'm sorry... Will... nice hat. Friends... This is the day that you will ALWAYS remember as the day that you... [backs up and trips over ledge]

Will Turner: Where's Elizabeth?
Jack Sparrow: She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really... except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman.

Jack Sparrow: A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around!

Barbossa: How the blazes did you get off that island?
Jack Sparrow: When you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.

[Jack throws a bucket of water on sleeping Gibbs]
Mr. Gibbs: Curse you for breathin' ya slack-jawed idiot. Mother's love. Jack. You should know better than to wake a man when he's sleepin'. Its bad luck.
Jack Sparrow: Fortunately, I know how to counter it; the man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink; the man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking.
Mr. Gibbs: Aye, that'll about do it.

Jack Sparrow: Stop blowing holes in my ship!

Jack Sparrow: Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid.

Jack Sparrow: Now... bring me that horizon. [humming]
Jack Sparrow: "And really bad eggs." Drink up me 'earties. Yo ho. [snaps compass shut]

Jack Sparrow: Scarlet. [She slaps him]
Jack Sparrow: I'm not sure I deserved that. [a blond woman approaches]
Jack Sparrow: Giselle.
Giselle: Who was she?
Jack Sparrow: What? [She slaps him]
Jack Sparrow: I may have deserved that.

Jack Sparrow: One question about your business, boy, or there's no use going: This girl... how far are you willing to go to save her?
Will Turner: I'd die for her.
Jack Sparrow: Oh good. No worries then.

Jack Sparrow: [Wakes up and sees Elizabeth burning the rum] No! Not good! Stop! Not good! What are you doing? You burned all the food, the shade... the rum!
Elizabeth: Yes, the rum is gone.
Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum gone?
Elizabeth: One: because it is a *vile* drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Two: that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire royal navy is out looking for me, do you think there is even the slightest chance they wont see it?
Jack Sparrow: But why is the rum gone?
Elizabeth: mark my words, give it an hour maybe two, keep a weather eye out and there will be white sails on that horizon.
Jack Sparrow: [Imitating Elizabeth] "It must have been terrible for you, Jack. Must have been terrible." Well, it bloody is now. [Seeing Norrington's ship off shore]
Jack Sparrow: There'll be no living with her after this.

Jack Sparrow: Parleley, parlelellyleloooo, par le nee, partner, par... snip, parsley...
Ragetti: Parley?
Jack Sparrow: That's the one. Parley. Parley.
Pintel: Parley? Damn to the depths whatever man what thought of "Parley".
Jack Sparrow: That would be the French.

Jack Sparrow: Anamaria. [Anamaria slaps Jack]
Will Turner: I suppose, you didn't deserve that one either?
Jack Sparrow: No, that one I deserved.
Anamaria: You stole my boat!
Jack Sparrow: Actually...
Anamaria: [Anamaria slaps Jack again]
Jack Sparrow: Borrowed... borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back.
Anamaria: But you didn't!
Jack Sparrow: You'll get another one.
Anamaria: I will.
Will Turner: A better one.
Jack Sparrow: A better one.
Will Turner: That one.
Jack Sparrow: What one?
Will Turner: [Will looks at the Interceptor]
Jack Sparrow: That one? Aye, that one. What say you to that? The Crew: Aye!

Mullroy: What's your purpose in Port Royal, Mr. Smith?
Murtogg: Yeah, and no lies.
Jack Sparrow: Well, then, I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out. Murtogg: I said no lies.
Mullroy: I think he's telling the truth.
Murtogg: If he were telling the truth, he wouldn't have told us.
Jack Sparrow: Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn't believe the truth even if he told it to you.

If Ah go any further Ah will be a quotin' the whole bloody movie! Wind in ye sails!
-C.C. Sparrow

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pirate Bloopers

Ah don't know about ye mate, but Ah love ta ruddy bloopers on movies!
I warn ye that there be some objectionable and questionable lines in these, but fer the most part they be clean. Did that rhyme?

Wind in ye sails!
-C.C. Sparrow

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A pirate life for me!

Alright, Ah'm goin' to be settin' sail soon for a nice swim in the near by Duck Lake, so Ah only have time to show ye three pictures. Here is one of me and me mate: Captain Fox Turner!

And here are revised pictures to show who we really are! Sorry if they aren't perfect...Ah tried me best!

The two infamous Capt'ns of the Caribbean Internet!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pirate Week

Ahoy mates! Ah have returned from me voyage and Ah am delayin' me next one till I 'ave completed this Week o' Piracy! This is a week to celebrate the five year anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean coming out! So each week Ah will post a video or somthin' about pirates in general or the movie. So today we will sail on o'er to the Dance Challenge. Enjoy mateys!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

My parents surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary was yesterday and it was a success! Their actual anniversary is on Wednesday, though. Our "adopted" grandparents offered their house, and the night before the party my sister and I went there to help decorate and clean. We had approx. 40 people and we even had our parish priest, Fr. Ben, come; he blessed them, had them renew their vows, and it was just beautiful. My poor mom cried from the moment she walked through the door till it was time to eat...that was about 45 minutes or more. She was so touched. What really touched me was that at one point my dad said how he felt he didn't deserve my mom, and he started to cry a little...and you have to understand that my dad never cries, I've probably only seen him cry once or twice in my life, so it was an especially tender moment. They are still in love with each other after 25 years and I love them so much! God bless you Mom and Dad!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am going to vacation in Hell!

I know that title is really weird but if you know the story behind it, you would fall off your seat laughing! So, here is the story: In Michigan we have a city named.....*drum roll*......Hell. Yes, a city named Hell. Crazy, huh? So, when my family discovered this, we started making up jokes like these:

Man#1: Where do you live?

Man#2: Oh I live on 666 Main Street, Hell.


Neighbor: Hey, where you headed Mike?

Mike: Oh I'm off for a vacation.

Neighbor: Oh really! Where you going?

Mike: Hell.

Neighbor: What?!

Mike: Yeah, it's the hottest place on earth!


Friend: I am so sick of life!

Friend#2: Poor guy. You should go to Hell.

Friend#1: I beg your pardon?

Friend#2: Go to Hell. You would really like it. Honest.

There was a lot more but I don't have time right now to post them. Hope y'all enjoyed it!

P.S. If you found this offensive or inappropriate please let me know and I will remove it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been tagged......again!

Alright my pirate buddy Lady Rose has tagged me and I must say I enjoy this one much more than the last one. Alright here it goes!

I am: a child of God (and in my daydreams I am Susan Pevensie!)

I think: that I daydream to much *shrugs shoulders with a grin*

I know: that God and my parents love me

I have: a beautiful faith and a crazy, but lovable, family!

I wish: I had dozens of Catholic friends living around me

I hate: making decisions

I miss: Ave Cor Maria Camp and everyone there!!!!!

I fear: hell

I feel: sick of school but very energetic at the moment (surprisingly)

I hear: My mom telling everyone to get back to school, so I have to finish this quickly.

I smell: my sister's banana...yuck!

I crave: lots of friends and Regina Doman's books!

I search: for God's will

I wonder: if I will ever complete high school!

I regret: losing my temper with my siblings and not being a good friend (I think I will leave Lady Rose's answer for this one)

I love: my faith, Chinese food, chocolate, books, and camp

I ache: for friends to live next door and high school to be over

I am not: a saint (sadly)

I believe: In God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ His only Son Our Lord who conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell and rose on the third day. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right of God the Father Almighty, from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sin and the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. AMEN! (I think I will leave this one too!)

I dance: whenever I can

I sing: too much (so my brothers tell me)

I cry: too often

I don't always: help in the kitchen

I fight: with my sibs to much

I write: letters only when forced and emails all the time

I win: every once in a while

I lose: in strategy games

I never: get up on time in the morning

I always: love to do crafts and sewing

I confuse: words sometimes because I am slightly dyslexic

I listen: to country music and a bunch of other songs!

I can usually be found: upstairs reading or on the computer

I am scared: of college, and writing essays and papers

I need: love, attention, and friends

I am happy about: my parents upcoming, surprise 25th wedding anniversary party!

I imagine: myself as the best singer in history!

I am wearing: A three-teird jean skirt, and a blue, pro-life T-shirt that belongs to my sis

I look forward too: next year's camp, getting married and going to heaven!

I hereby tag: Claire, Clare, Shannon, Keri, and Olivia,

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still here!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know (before I fall into bed) that I am not kidnapped or dead.......just bogged down with school work! Well, it really isn't all that bad, but I have been busy and mourning camp. I seriously want Miles Jesu to hold two camps every year! Anyway, you must all excuse me extended leaves of absence while I am finishing up my school work. If you stop by my blog and find that I still haven't updated it, head on over to Lady Rose's blog. She usually posts daily and is quite entertaining! One last thing before I sign off, if you can, try to find the website (I think it is EWTN) that lets you watch World Youth Day 2008 live, I would highly recommend finding it. I am going to be watching the Pope starting tomorrow! Let us all pray that St. Michael and Raphael watch over the Pope and all present at World Youth Day this year. Until my next post: Sweet dreams!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Caption It

All right, here is the Caption It Photo of the month, taken at camp:

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm back from camp!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides getting sick at the end of camp and having to spend precious time in bed, I had a great time and can't wait to go back next year. It was actually kind of fun because I had to sleep in what is known as the Manor House, and I had a room with an actual bed and a bathroom just down the hall! After sleeping in a cabin for days it was heaven! The second night in the Manor House I had a girl named Rachel stay in the bed next to mine and we had a lot of fun! I met some really neat girls and hope to see them next year. Here are some of the pictures out of the 143 that I took. Hope you enjoy them!
A group pic before the hay ride began

Me, Rachel, Hannah (sis), Olivia

Fr. Foeckler (sp?) our priest for the week. (Thank you for being there Father!)

The cook with his lobster hat

In my room at the Manor House with Rachel (on the left) and Olivia ( on the right)


One of the Miles Jesu Ladies in her Slovakian dance outfit

More dancing!

A French braid

Here is a hair style I invented at camp which I named: The Swizzle

Another shot of the Swizzle

A rope bun in my hair done by the talented and beautiful Claire Halbur!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Each cabin had to put on a skit, and one cabin did the story of Ruth. This picture is of the two girls that playeded the cousins of Naomi; on the left is Steph who played Josh, and on the right there is Rachel who played Boaz. Don't they make a couple of handsome dudes? Just kidding.