Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughts regaurding NBC's coverage of the March for Life

Although msnbc covered the March (finally), it's so sad that their unwavering bigotry is still present.

1) NBC does not use the title “pro-life” but refers to the marchers as “anti-abortion” or “abortion opponents.” The use of the words “anti” and “opponents” can set the reader in a negative frame of mind towards the marchers and their mission. They twist words in order to present it from their point of view, instead of using the simple truth in conveying - what is supposed to be - unbiased news.

2) NBC also down plays the actual, massive size of the March by saying “tens of thousands ” –instead of hundreds of thousands, and “…weather likely kept this year's numbers down a bit.” I personally attended the March last year and this year, and I think everyone would agree that despite the horrible weather, this was the biggest turnout yet. Even to the point that it hindered the organization of the March, due to this massive amount of people in attendance.

3) The fact that the liberal media continue to present Romney as the “Republican frontrunner” is quite interesting. Especially since they label him this after the fact that he lost the primaries in South Carolina to Newt Gingrich the Saturday before the March, and (yes, it is true) in Iowa to Rick Santorum. Also, his polls numbers have declined. I just find it so interesting that they put his name (and no other presidential candidate) in an article regarding the March for Life and not the elections.

4) Lastly, (I find this very amusing and very sly of NBC) the only marchers that they interviewed were 50+ years old. Doesn’t this subconsciously give the reader a mental image that the streets of DC are packed with a more mature crowd? When in fact, it is just the opposite! The majority of the marchers are YOUTH, ranging anywhere from middle school to college! A young generation proud to stand for LIFE and ready to take on the future for the sake of the unborn.

Does anyone agree with this?