Thursday, September 23, 2010




An editing software is needed for the movie Shadow of the Bear to be completed. This comes to the grand total of $400. Therefore, dedicated fans have faithfully put there heads together and created an ARTFIRE Store as a fundraiser towards the completion of this wonderful movie.

They have already reached $55 in one day! You could be next in helping them achieve their goal.

In this store you will find inexpensive, beautiful, hand crafted jewelry, table runners, scarves, and more. Go check it out! There are new items being posted weekly - even daily. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

For more information about goal prizes and the fundraiser in general, check out this blog post.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goodbye teen years!

Yes, farewell to teen-hood and a hearty hello to young adult-hood! Yesterday was my 20th birthday and I must say I feel quite old. :P

I started off the day by going to Mass. I was planning on going by myself because everyone else had school to do that day, but I had the treat of Mom and Grandma joining me as well. It was a very sweet - not to mention rare - experience to go to Mass with just two other family members. It was also enjoyable to listen to them relive the day of my birth.

You see, my parents went through seven years of infertility before they were able to have me, so the day I was born was a rather big occasion for the whole family.

Anyway, after Mass, a birthday blessing from Father, and a McDonald's Mocha Frappe, we came home and started the day with the rest of the family. We had muffins for breakfast, and then everyone started school while I - who had the day off - went to the sewing room to contentedly sew a present for my Grandma - I'll tell you why in a minute.

I tell you, I sure wish that's all I had to do was sew like that everyday. Oh well.

Moving on, we went out to Olive Garden for dinner. It was heavenly! I love their bread sticks. :) We came home opened presents, and everyone being too full from dinner to eat desert, sang happy birthday to me, I blew out the candles, and we ate the desert for breakfast this morning. :P

As for my grandma's present, since she's been here I have noticed that she really enjoys our aprons. So, having learned how to make a replica of the apron I own while I was in VA, I bought some material and made an apron for her as a thank you. Grandam is the sweetest person, she gives and asks for nothing. For my birthday she bought me a new laptop -which I sorely needed - payed for our Olive Garden dinner, and more. So this was my little way of saying thank you to her, and I'm so glad I did. She says this is the first apron she has owned and I think it meant double that I made it for her.

I'll post pictures from my birthday later, I must run now to take Lizzy to her voice lessons. TTFN!