Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

In honor of our troops, I'm going to post an essay I wrote for a scholarship - I got 3rd place - hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Does America Still Have Heroes?
By Victoria M.

“Those who say that we're in a time when there are no heroes; they just don't know where to look.” The late President Ronald Reagan was right. Americans have thousands of heroes right under their very noses, and they just are not aware of it.

What is a hero, anyway? Let me tell you, a hero is someone that puts others before themselves. A hero is someone that makes sacrifices that others aren’t, or never will be, aware of. They are people that fight for what is right, and the protection of those he or she loves. Our soldiers are heroes. For those of us who have never been a soldier, we cannot possibly imagine the courage it takes to be one. Our minds can’t comprehend the heroism that takes place on the battle field.

We know through history that the United States has many past heroes, from the Founding Fathers of the Revolution to those that fought in the Vietnam War. They left their homes, families, and friends; they spilled their blood, and even gave their lives at times. They did all this and more, so that their children and children’s children could live in peace and freedom. That is worthy of the title “hero.” However, these glorious heroes of the past - is it possible that they still exist? Don’t you ever doubt it! Our soldiers are still fighting to preserve our freedom, and are making the same sacrifices today; whether they are stationed here at home or abroad.

My own grandfather, Orlando M., was a helicopter mechanic in the Korean War. What is special about his fighting for America was that he was a new citizen of the United States; he was originally from Mexico. He did his part to aid his new country in the fight for freedom. Grandpa even missed the birth and next two years of his first son’s life. This son, my Uncle Joseph, later served in the army. Another uncle, Victor M., served for five years in the Navy as a boiler specialist during the Vietnam War. Although none of these relatives were ever in an actual battle, wounded by the enemy, or killed, they still did their part, no matter how little it may seem, to serve their country as they saw fit.

In addition, my family is acquainted with a gentleman that was a helicopter pilot that flew three tours in the Vietnam War. On the third, he was shot down behind enemy lines while helping rescue fellow soldiers. He fought, suffered, and lived to tell about it. I have such great respect for this man who, like many others that battled for freedom, is truly an unsung hero of America.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in this day and age to open up our computers, or turn on the radio, only to hear the latest news that, yet again, another soldier has perished in the Middle East. Right now, the United States is at war, and how sad, but how inspiring, to know that our soldiers are daily risking their lives for the sake of you and me. In John 15:13 of the Bible it says, “A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.” How true that is of our soldiers; it is their love of their country and fellow citizens that they put their lives on the line everyday in the Middle East.

You and I live in a country where we can freely vote – yes, we have the hard won right to vote – and speak out publicly on matters we agree or disagree with. Too often I think we take for granted the daily routines that cost the lives of many; we can rise in the morning and lay our heads down at night without dreading that a bomb might go off; we can go to work or school, get dressed, eat, read, or simply watch TV. We can do all this and more in an atmosphere of liberty, only at the cost of the sacrifices of our gallant soldiers.

In conclusion, we as Americans have heroes all around us. People need to realize that these heroes, our soldiers, deserve to know that we, their fellow citizens, support and appreciate them. Whenever my dad comes in contact with a US soldier, veteran or active, he makes it a point to stop, shake their hand, and thank them for what they’ve done. Let us all be sure to do the same; for indeed, America still has heroes.

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday, my family and I were blessed to be able to spend a few hours with the Halbur family who stopped by our house on their way home. (Some of you may follow Claire’s or Sarah’s blog.) It was my mom's and brothers' first time to meet them, and sadly I have no pictures to show you. My bad.

We girls had a delightful time chatting and catching up with each other. It was nice to see Sarah whom I hadn't seen since camp...I take that back, I did see her in January but not in April when I went down for the Conference. Claire did a gorgeous up-do on my hair; it looked like a wedding hair style. :)My brothers must have had a great time with David Halbur since they were off and out of sight most of the time!

To finish off their visit, we played a couple rounds of Bananas - I highly recommend that game - and Uno. Oh yes, we also closed with the Angelus. We girls had fun singing Phantom of the Opera as they piled into the car and drove away. It was a wonderful close to the visit.

I hope to find a way to see them soon, because I won’t be going to camp this year. *sheds a few tears* I didn’t think it would be hard to stop going to camp; however, the closer we get to camp, the sadder I become. I suppose I will get over it, but I’m going to miss everyone so much. Pray for me, that I will be able to give this suffering (as little as it may seem) up to Christ.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Maybe Marriage?

I've been thinking a lot about my vocation lately; however, it has not been in the direction of the religious life. I have felt a very strong desire for the sacrament of Matrimony. Of course, that could just be me finding another way of distracting myself from school, as a means of escape.

Yet, the girly side of me loves to indulge in the thought of a man earning my love...a beautiful proposal in front of the Tabernacle...the wedding...first kiss...reception at home...honeymoon...making our cozy little home together...the joy of telling my hubby that he's made the daddy team...I could go on and on.

It's hard to not feel like I'm stuck and going no where; school and work, work and school. Luckily, I have the most loving, caring, and understanding man in the world with me: Jesus. Whenever I'm having a hard time, scared, or upset, I love just to say His name, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. It's such a beautiful comfort.

So until I discover my true vocation - and even after - my Jesus will be my love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

God's got my hand

Life is an interesting journey to say the least. You never know what road God is going to lead you on, therefore, we have to totally rely on Him. What a comfort to know that He is in control when you have no idea where you are going!

I began on the new year thinking that I was most likely going to join a convent. (Who would've thought that?!) God didn't want me there. Then I was accepted to FUS, and was taking the steps toward becoming an official student of Franciscan! God took my hand and led me away from that road. Now I am working 20+ hours a week, rushing to complete high school in between work, and getting ready to apply to a local community college as a part-time student.

To think that God new about all this the whole time! I had no idea that all this - and much more - was going to take place at the beginning of the year, but it didn't matter, God knew. If we all had complete and perfect trust in God, no matter what is going on in our lives, we would be content. There would be no need to worry, or stress out, or tears for that matter, because we would have the knowledge that God has our hand. As long as we strive to do His will, we will be happy.

Boy do I have a lot to learn! I still have so much work to do on trusting God. It's so easy to sit at Church in the presence of Christ and say, "I'm going to always trust You. I will always do your will. No problem at all. How could I ever not want to please you?" Yet, when I get back home, and there's the paperwork, the school work, the chores, the fifty-million things that need to be done...that's another story. It's then that it becomes hard, and I have to trust that God is in control, and just take everything one step at a time with a cheerful attitude. I think I fail way to often with that. I need to work on not succumbing to self-pity and laziness, and turn to God for help.

Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner.
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

EDIT: FTN blog buttons

I created a couple buttons - using a banner my sister, Hannah, had created - for Regina's books to put on your blog(s). Just make sure when you post them you attach a link to Fairy Tale Novel website:

Edit: I fixed the spelling on this \/ one.

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You have the entire summer to chalk up all sorts of points doing things like writing reviews, wearing FTN T-Shirts and asking your library to carry the books!

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Not only is this your chance to show how much you love Blanche, Bear, Fish, Rose and the other FTN Characters, but this publicity will also really help get the word out about the amazingness of Regina Doman!

Also, please help us spread the news about this contest by reposting this information to your own blog!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I could not resist...

No offence, but I personally think Robert P. is one darn ugly dude.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twilight chagrin

No offence to the Twilight – and Harry Potter - fans out there, but this is too funny! If you can’t take a joke then phooey on you. It’s written by a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

By Sterling White
Humor Columnist
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Few books in the past decade or so have sought to eclipse (Twilight pun) the popularity of Harry Potter. I mean, it’s hard to wage war on the scrawny little unkempt kid with his facial deformities and his flashy stick.
But Stephanie Meyer, in writing her own twisted vampire fantasy, has somehow managed to make her particular desires resonate with those of 12-year-old girls everywhere. I know when I was 12, I was still into action figures, but apparently girls at that age long for a romantic escapade with a 100-year-old vampire. To each his own, I say.
But Twilight has certainly garnered a massive following. My own sisters went and saw the first movie roughly eight times … in theatres. Now let’s count that out: $9.00 a movie x 8 viewings = $72 to see an angsty teen try to come to terms with her epic love for a blood-sucking child predator. I can see how this appeals to the younger generation. It’s like watching Dateline’s: "To Catch a Predator: The Untold Love Story."
Yet, is this really love? I mean, how many of us can look back on our high school relationships and actually say it was love? But for some reason, when that love is with undead sparkle boy, it’s as true as biblical Scripture. Sparkle, you say? Yes, these vampires, unlike ALL their demonic peers, when exposed to sunlight don’t scream as they char like your mom’s thanksgiving turkey (Oh, burn! (Pun!)). Instead they sparkle like a humanoid disco ball at a Village People concert.
When Bella first sees this, she is mesmerized. I have to tell you, the first time I see my significant other glowing like plutonium, I’d be more scared of radiation poisoning than taking the time to sit and admire her lethal glow.
But who really thinks Bella Swan (Stephanie Meyer’s avatar) is a particularly bright character to begin with? It seems this girl is too clumsy to survive getting milk for her cereal, much less a love life involving her boyfriend, seƱor twinkle toes, and a shirtless werewolf. Whenever his role in the movies is referenced, it is only mentioned that he got rock hard abs for the second movie.
Now, I’m not part of “the academy,” but if the most interesting part of your acting is that you worked out, don’t expect the Oscar nominations to be overflowing from your mailbox.
Mrs. Meyer also loves Edward Cullen. And I don’t mean she likes her character, I mean she loves him. I’m positive if Edward were as real and sparkly as she describes, she would leave her husband for him immediately. And who could blame her? After all, she describes his Adonis-like features, his marble skin and his apparently attractive chagrin expression.
First, Adonis was an extremely attractive Greek god born from incest and mauled by a wild boar, so I totally see the resemblance between him and glitter prince.
And Edward has marble skin, just like a statue! And we all know how awesome statues feel: cold and covered in bird poop. I don’t know what woman is actually fixated on the idea of her lover having marble skin but it’s about the same as if she said she was attracted to a streetlamp. And hey, at least that produces heat.
Finally, she loves to point out his chagrin expression. She seems to think this means his sallow face that sees deep into Bella’s beautiful heart as he tries to fight his deep love for her. Now, here in reality land, according to, chagrin actually means: “a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation.” So when Edward looks at Bella with this expression, the words actually mean that he’s feeling a little less like “I love you so much it hurts,” and more along the lines: “I’m passing a kidney stone.”
And when you really think about it, chagrin probably best describes the feeling anyone who’s not an angsty teenage girl would get from reading this book. I think Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward, put it best when asked about what he thought of the crowd at a convention. Here is his answer: “It’s terrifying. It’s like the sound you hear at the gates of hell.”
But don’t worry girls, I’m sure Edward wants to marry each one of you. He sparkles just for you.