Thursday, August 12, 2010

Previous post and Virginia

Hello one and all! I feel utterly guilty for not posting for so long. Please forgive me, I have felt uninspired and busy since the last post.

As for the last post, I think I need to clear some things up. I have not seen the movie Come What May. It was only recommend to me and I looked it up to find out more about it and found this *points below* is what I found. I personally thought the acting was lacking. However, the reason I posted the clip was because I really liked the pro-life message/explanation it gave.

That being said, I just got back last night from Virginia where I was visiting some very dear friends. Lizzy wasn't able to come with me because she couldn't afford a plane ticket. We missed you dearly Liz! I left on Tuesday the 3rd, and spent a marvelous week with my friends and their family. Our week consisted of shopping, talking, ice cream, coffee, talking, My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding, talking, Moonstruck, talking, more movies, curlers, Chinese food, Bananagrams (a favorite game), Olive Garden, Mass and adoration, and many more girly things. All in all a memorable week. Love you Ray and Em!

Must go now, Liz is getting mad that I'm still on the comp preventing her form getting to sleep. Anyway, ttyl!