Monday, November 1, 2010

New Fall Outfit

I recently went shopping at JCPenny (I love that store!) to purchase a pair of boots that do not have a heel, would work for the fall and winter seasons, and would look good with my long skirts. I found the pair I wanted and purchased them on the spot.

In addition, the day I went shopping was a major sale day; however, I didn’t have that much money in my checking account and I’m surrounded by 50-80% off deals - talk about painful! I never considered myself a shopper, but I became one that day. Anyhow, due to my lack of funds, I only purchased a cute skirt, the boots, and a deliciously red, long, knit scarf.

Here are my awesome boots and skirt:

You can't see it but the boots have three snap buttons on the side and if you roll them down they look like pirate boots! I'll try to get a better pic of them later.

Full shot of me and you can see a little of our decorated house. :)

A better shot of the skirt and boots

And another shot of me and the house. Ain't it cute?

What do you all think? Do you like the boots? How about the skirt? Do you prefer a heel or no heel on your boots? Liz/Hannah LOVES my boots but she hates that there is no heel. :P

God bless!