Monday, March 30, 2009

Regency Ball 2009!!!!

Well, we had a blast, that's all I can say! We got there half hour late (6:30), and danced for four straight hours. We got home around 12:30 and immediately proceeded to drop into bed with a contented smile. I must admit though, that I have been limping painfully around the house for two days now......I'm not used to dancing. And yes, I actually loaded the pictures onto the computer and I am actually posting them. Ain't ya'll proud of me? :P So, here are the pics (sorry of they aren't that great). Enjoy! Oh wait!!! before you look at the pics I have a funny story to tell that only LOTR fans will get. We all kept joking that Danny and David (my bros) would be dancing and then at intermission they would have this conversation:
David (in Gimli voice): Danny, two already! *looks proud of himself*
Danny: *grins* I'm on seventeen!
David: What?! I'm not going to be outdone by an officer!(Danny had a military coat on) *runs off to find girls to dance with*
Lol!!! Okay, now you can look at the pics.

Handsome gents, no?

I love you Mom and Dad!! Or rather Mother and Father. ;)

*gasps and drools* I looooove this girl's hair!!! It reminds so much of Eowyn's hair!

I had so much fun doing Hannah's hair! In case you can't see it that well, she has half her hair in a bun with mini flowers surrounding it, six tiny, looped braids, and the other half of her hair curled. Not bad, eh?

Ah! I have been wanting to do her hair for so long!!!! I was so excited to actually be able to transform Cinderella into the Princess (because she never let's me touch her hair).

Didn't it come out nice?

Brothers and sisters

Family picture

Danny and Hannah

My personal favorite: Mom and me. *big grin* (I love that I looks so much older in this one. Hehehe!)

"Wha...oh." lol!
Don't worry, we weren't dancing with ghosts of the past.....the camera was being being stupid.

"I could have danced all night! I could have danced all night! And still have begged for........

.........oh." Well, I guess I wasn't begging for more, but I sure had fun!


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Beautiful ladies and handsome fellas! It looks like so much fun... wish I could have been there!

Trina said...

Cool! I love all the hair styles! They're amazing! Looks like you had fun :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!! My older sister once went to a Celtic Ball - I wish I could do that! Oh, I've been trying to figure out just for the sake of um, I don't know, idleness - how old is Danny? He does great voice imitations! =D (I do a better Gimli, though)

Yaviel said...

I love Eruanna's hair!!!!!!!!!!!! and the dress's were very pretty! it looks like you guys had fun, wish I could have been there!

Erulissë said...

Eww. I'm being drooled over. :P lol Hey Yaviel, you girls need to come up next year for the ball!! :) I need your help getting Danny's hat away from him. ;) Danny's 14, no wait, 13. Yup, thirteen. So I'm older. :P But he's taller. :)

Erulissë (or Eruanna)

Claire said...

You all look stunning...what fun!! I must say, dear Vicki, that the regency style becomes you beautifully. And my lauds to the superb hairstyles! ;) Now if only I'd been there to have some fun with your lovely tresses, t'would have been perfect, no? (Though they still looked lovely, framed with the satin ribbon!)

In Maria,

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

Clare- I wish you could’ve too!!

Trina- I'm glad you liked them. You bet it was fun! :)

Earawen- How fun for your sister. Haha!! Danny is 13 soon to 14. Believe me, he can do Gimil’s voice so well that if you weren’t looking while he was talking, you would think that Gimli himself was in the room! He just didn’t do it well on the camera. >:(

Yaviel- I know…..I looooove her hair! I wish you could’ve too.

Erulisse- Oops sorry! *wipes drool off* ;) Thilly, I’m smuggling his hat to camp. Shshshsh!!! Don’t tell. Yes, he is taller than you…jeesh, he’s taller than me!!!

Claire- *blushes* Thank you Claire. Hahaha! I’m glad you approved of the hairstyles. Oh, you have no idea how much I was longing for you to be there that day to do my hair! Yes it would have made the day perfect. However, I did make due with my “satin” (it was cotton) ribbon. *wink*

Marilla Manwathiel said...

it sounded like you had a lot of fun. I loved the hair. And of course I wish I could have been there.


Anonymous said...

I like the dress

Anonymous said...

How old were you guys when you took that family pic?


Victoria Rose said...

I was 18 and I don't remember how old everyone else was :P