Friday, February 12, 2010

WFHS: Day 6

Today’s hairstyle: The Swizzle

History: I invented this hair style at Camp and it has become a favorite of mine. There are a few variations of this hairstyle that I like to do; however, I don’t have pictures of all of them. One of them is the Swizzle half way down the head, and curling the other half of the hair that is left down. If I ever pictures of this one I’ll post them because it’s really petty.

Instructions: Um…let me see if I can give these coherently:

You start off with a lace braid head band (also known as the Princess Braid).

Instead of finishing the braid off when you reach the other side of the head, you curve it and continue to lace braid.

You keep this pattern up until you have braided all the hair. Now you have two options: 1) you can finish it off with a braid and tuck it under the bottom lace braid – securing it with mini clips or bobby pins (see picture #1) – or 2) you can wrap it into a bun (see picture #2).

I hope these instructions made sense.


^Lauren from Camp

^Lady Kathleen

Two girls from camp


Claire said...

This one is always a hit when I do it! Sometimes I will even go back and forth a few more times, depending on the hair length and thickness. People always say, "How did you DO that?!" :)

Cuilpantiel said...

I'm not very good at French braiding, but I'm going to give this one a try. It looks so cool! Thanks for posting it.