Thursday, October 21, 2010

If I Die Young

This song, by The Band Perry, is so beautiful! Liz and I have been singing it for two days and we still can't get it out of our heads. Check it out, but be sure to shut off my music at the bottom of the blog first.

P.S. Sorry I haven't really posted, I've been uninspired. :(
P.P.S. The girl in the video looks freakishly like my cousin! Every time I watch it I'm a little creeped out at the similarities.


Emma Grace said...

I love that song too! I heard it on the radio and then looked up some of the lyrics on the internet so I could find out what it was called. The cool thing about the song is that the words can be interpreted in so many different ways-- at first I thought it was about abortion! Actually, the song was supposed to be about being happy about how you have spent your time on earth.

Fun stuff ;) Thanks for posting, Victory, it made me smile to hear from somebody else who's a fan.

Emma Grace said...

Sorry, darling. That should have been "Victoria." I've been following your blog forever and should have gotten that by now :P

Victoria Rose said...

Emma Grace - LOL! Don't worry about it. And I'm glad you like the song, too. :) I never thought about the abortion interpretation...interesting.

Rose Marchen said...

I love this song!!!! It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. :)