Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cakes, Friends, and a Ball...oh my!

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about college. Something that come up recently is the idea of attending a culinary arts school with a focus on baking and pastries. There are three different levels of accomplishment for that: Certificate (1 year), Associates (2 years), and Bachelors (4 years). I don't like to cook that much - although I love watching the challenges on Food Network - but I truly love to decorate cakes! They are so much fun to create and memorable to the person you make them for. Here is a picture of the cake I did for Gabriel's 1st Communion back in '09.

*sigh* Unfortunately, there is no program near us that I could attend. The one I would like to attend is in MI and extremely up-to-date, is considered the best in the country, and has world renowned chef's that teach there. However, it is much to far from my house to commute and I am not going to be staying in co-ed dorms! :P *giggles* I was even looking at programs that were in my best friend's state, but there is nothing near her house either. I guess God wants me to stick with community college after all.

Moving on, the snow is leaving! I really hope it melts quickly, because I want grass and warm weather!

Rachel and Emily are coming to visit! Exactly three weeks and they'll be here. Exactly three weeks and three days is the Regency Ball! I am so excited! This year it is being held in South Bend, Indiana. IT IS GORGEOUS! Click here if you want to see pictures of the Masquerade Ball that was held there last August. This year the Ball starts at 11am instead of 6pm...and we live a little ways from South Bend. Therefore, this year we will be getting up at the bonnie hour of 5am and leaving the house at 8am just to make sure we get there on time. Due to this we will be taking pictures at the ball this time not at the house.

Well, I must scoot off to do school. TTFN!


Lydwina said...

South Bend, Indiana! If you can, visit the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration who are in that diocese! They are really great! Have lots of fun-- and the cake looks delicious!! :)

Rose said...

Beautiful cake! And haha I live around South Bend.... I didn't know they had a ball! Oh and yes, visit the sisters! They're wonderful.

~Maria Rose

Claire said...

That cake is great. I like to bake and especially bake desserts:) Sounds fun! Up here at our church we have a victorian ball twice a year, they loads of fun, even if you don't like to dance a lot (like me).

God bless,

Dixi said...

That cake looks amazing! There is also a Catholic Culinary Arts College in Chicago called "Lexington." I was looking at it myself, but I'm probably going to attend the community college first. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Elven Maiden said...

Tagged you for an award here!