Monday, October 20, 2008

Youtube Update!

Dear Readers:

36,994 petitions…1,873 holy hours…thousands of rosaries, letters, calls and faxes…YouTube still will NOT pull the 43 Holy Eucharist desecration videos from its site.
But the reaction is going global and we won't give up. Protestors from countries like Poland, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Britain, Canada and Russia are joining.
So I'm taking advantage of the growing outrage to triple our push to get the videos removed. And here's what I ask you to do:
Send a NEW petition message via email to Mr. Eric Schmidt, CEO and chairman of Google. Google owns YouTube and their motto is: "Don't be evil."
So please tell YouTube to put an end to this sacrilegious evil.
Send them a petition NOW.
Thank you and please pass on this message to friends and family.
Robert Ritchie

America Needs Fatima

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