Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review of 2008

I am finally writing this: Happy Very, very, veeeeery Belated New Year everyone!!! Sorry it took sooooo long to post that. *blushes and hides* You are probably asking yourself, "Why did she take so long?" Well, I will tell you, and it is the shortest and most logical way to explain my absence from the blog world:.......I've been busy. *wink*

I am not going to go through my whole year, because that would be way to boring to all of you, not to mention me! So, I will post my fondest memories of 2008.

1. I started my first blog (this one) in May!!!! Since then I have become a co-author to two other blogs: Prayers and Petitions and The Fellowship of the FT Forum.

2. After missing it in 2007, due to moving, I finally got to go back to the Miles Jesu "Ave Cor Marie Camp"!!!! And I teamed up with my pirate buddy: Cap'n Fox Turner!!! We had about 104 girls and I stayed in the Cabin "Love". Hehehe! When asked what cabin I was staying in I would say, "I'm in loooove!" *giggles*

3. Also in July, my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary; and I, with my sister and "adopted" grandparents, secretly put together a surprise party for them! Mom and Dad were taken completely by surprise; Mom cried from the moment she entered the room till about an hour later! Hehehe!

4. In August, my dear friend Fox Turner and her family came up to meet my family and we had great time!!!

5. September was a big month for me becasue of 3 things:

a)I turned 18 and got the Fairy Tale Novel books: Black as Night and Waking Rose!!!!!

b) Amanda (Fox Turner) and her two sisters came up for the weekend of my birthday and we went bowling, played hide and go seek in the dark (and just so your know my house is a three story), watched a movie, and more!

c) I joined the Fairy Tale Novel Forum!!!!! I must say that was one of the #1 best things that happened to me that year!!! Since joining, I have married King Caspian X, I have a ton of sisters, one brother, and too many nieces and nephews to count!!!! We have the wackiest/craziest/ funnest (is that a word?)/bestest (I don't think that is a word either) adventures ever!!!! If you want fun, join the Forum!

Aaaaand.......I think that is it for my highlights of 2008. If there is anything else you will forgive me for not informing you. ........You will right? I hope so. TTFN! Ta-ta for now readers!

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Rose said...

Hey, you mentioned me three times, the FT novels and the Forum so I think you covered everything!