Monday, January 12, 2009

Storm Heaven with your prayers!!

I recieved this email today:

Hi Everyone - Thanks for your time. I have an urgent request for prayer for a young lady by the name of Hannah. Long Story short...God put her in my life the last two weeks through her calling my cell number by mistake. She is a 20 year old sophomore @ GVSU who is pregnant, 6 weeks along. I have talked w/ her many times about adoption, her relationship w/ the Lord (which is non-existent) and her future. She is so self absorbed. She had an ultrasound yesterday, and even though she saw the heartbeat and the baby this early, she told me last night she scheduled an abortion for Saturday. She has so many influences in her life telling her abortion is no big deal and she sees it as a fix to the mess she has made of her life. Please storm the gates of Heaven w/ me through our prayers so that the gates of hell that have a hold of her will be broken and that this little life will be saved. The Lord has a purpose for all that has happened and I know Hannah's life will be changed no matter what she decides. Please pray for me for wisdom as I talk with her this week. Thanks! Please forward to anyone you know who will pray with us!!!!!!

Let us pray for Hannah and her baby, that God would show her the way!!!!!! The abortion is scheduled for the 17th. I wish she would watch "Bella"......I feel sure that would change her decision.

Hehe! Hannah has no idea how many people are praying for her and her baby!

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Trina said...

I will be praying. I hope she changes her mind.