Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lord of the Rings

For a while now I have been pondering on what I should post about (I'm not very creative), and I now know! I am going to post about (you're going to love me for this, Amanda) my thoughts and feelings on Lord of the Rings. *long pause*

I LOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM!!!!!! *giggles* I will now give you my LOTR journey up to this point. Prepare yourselves. *clears throat*

The first time I ever heard about LOTR was when I heard family members talking about how obsessed one of my aunts was with the movies. I then saw the movie cover of the Fellowship at my grandma's house (it had Frodo in the front holding the ring) and thought, "That's what my aunt is so crazy about? Okay, whatever." Years later, we met a family who loved LOTR; however, I never discussed it with them. The boys of the family (there were 7-8 boys) talked about it with my brothers, who had no idea what the books or movies were either. In stores I would see things with Gollum on them, and I would cringe thinking he was so ugly and evil looking! One day I went to a friend’s house and saw a bit of the movie. I saw the scene where Sm√©agol bites into a fish and slowly turned into Gollum. I was completely grossed out and horrified!

My family then moved to MI where we met another family who liked LOTR. Well, now things really started to cook! We rented the Fellowship from Netflix. Consequently it arrived the same time my uncle and aunt were visiting us, and they love the movie. But my uncle especially loves the gory, orc parts. Now remember, I knew absolutely nothing about the books or movies, did not know what to expect, and we were watching it on our big screen the dark. So, we watched it. The whole thing. Every. Single Scene. I didn't even enjoy the funny parts because I was so overwhelmed with the bad ones. Needless to say, I was disturbed for days. After that, I never wanted to see or hear the name LOTR again. I was confused too, because I knew several girls (Amanda you were one of them), who I trusted, that loved LOTR and I was shocked and upset to think they loved something so (what I considered) satanic.

So, a few weeks later a friend let my brother borrow the books (including "The Hobbit"); I was surprised he even wanted to read them! I would have nothing to do with them! I wouldn't even touch them. Literally. Although, on one occasion I was bored and picked up the Two Towers, and of all places I started to read Shelob's Lair. Thus increasing my hate of LOTR. However, I knew several girls (namely Amanda and Ana) who were desperately trying to get me to read LOTR. Finally I got so sick and tired of being pestered to read them; I gave in and read The Fellowship. I was won over! The book really showed me who the characters were, what they went through, and I fell in love with them!

This past week, my dad (who is still against the movies) allowed my brother to rent the movies....again. This time, we skipped the bad parts. I was so happy! I understood what was going on and loved it! I actually enjoyed the plot, the wraiths, the chase with Arwen and Frodo, the Shire, the hobbits, the Elves, Aragorn, I could go on and on!!! I watched The Fellowship three times and the Two Towers twice. I have to say that I have a strong liking for TTT; Gollum is so funny!!! I love it when he sings that little ditty, "Rock and pool, nice and cool. So juicy sweeeeeeeet!!! Only wish is the catch a fish. So juicy sweeeeeeeet!!!" *laughs*

So, now I am an official LOTR fan! Here is proof that I am a fan: I am daydreaming/dreaming about LOTR 24/7, I have pictures of the movies stored on my laptop, I want to rent the movies again, I have my name on my blog in Elven, and my brother, sister, and I are even attempting to learn Elvish! My brother owns the LOTR books and the Simillrilion (sp?), so I have those at my disposal as well.

My advise to those who haven’t read the books or watched the movies is to read the books first, and then watch the movies and skip the orc scenes!!! You see, I love the movies; however, I still think some of the scenes are too gory.

A gentleman from Church made an important point to us one night, he said the books are great; however, when someone makes a movie out of a book you no longer use your own imagination. The movie takes away your imagination and tells you what any scene or character looks like. Although I don’t have a problem with any of the actors or scenes in the LOTR movies (I think they did a great job), I think this is an important point that should be remembered.

Well, after that huge post (I had no intention of it being that long), I don’t think I will post again for some time! TTFN!!!

-Turwethiel Merilwen


Rose said...

*rolls on the floor laughing and laughing and laughing* Oh my gosh, that was toooo funny!
(Vicki: *looks over post* What?!)

Hey, Yavi baby is cracking up too!

Really though... of ALL the scenes to FIRST see when you don't know anything about the movies... that Smeagol/Gollum scene is THE WORST!!! *laughs* How could you? "I" even get grossed out at that part! (That's about the only part though. ;) )

[...]I was confused too, because I knew several girls (Amanda you were one of them), who I trusted, that loved LOTR, and I was shocked and upset to think they loved something so, what I considered, satanic.[...]
*rolls on the floor laughing again* I know, you told me that already, but sorry, when compared to how much you LOVE it now, it's just tooo hysterical!

[...]In stores I would see things with Gollum on them, and I would cringe thinking he was so ugly and evil looking! [...]

[...]Gollum is so funny!!! [...]

*grins* You crack me up.

*gaspeth* You like the TT better than the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING????? NOOOOO!!!! *heart breaks* (The Fellowship is my personal fav) *sighs* Ah well, at least you aren't one of the millions of other peculiar people who like the Return of the King the best. (I like it too, but the Fellowship ROCKS!)

And now I must teach you how to say good bye in elvish.


Yaviel said...

*starts dancing around and singing* Vicki's an LOTR fan Vicki's an LOTR fan! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are sooooo hysterical! I was laughing so hard when I read that!!!

can Danny do the Gollum voice? I can!

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

Haha! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

Rose-I didn't say that I liked TTT better! I said that I "have a strong liking for TTT." I love the Fellowship!!! Come on, the Shire, Bilbo, Arwen, the Council of Elrond, Wraiths, the Fellowship dudes! So cool!!! hehe!

Yaviel- Uh, he tries, but I don't think he is that good at it.

Namarie! (thanks Rose!)

Emma said...

Some of my friends thought I was crazy because I had not watched the Lord of the Rings. I finally watched the first two and liked them a lot! *jumps up and down with excitement* I think I might watch the Return of the King tonight! Great blog!

Lady Hannah said...

VICKI!! HELLO! I've never posted on your blog, so I thought I'd do it. What I will say: BOO! HE!
*blows rasberries*