Saturday, February 21, 2009


I finished the trilogy!!! I watched The Return of the King last night, and I must say that it is my least favorite. I much prefer the ending in the book, and the ending in the movie is sooooo sad!!! I cried for at least half an hour. That was so heart breaking!!! *eyes tear up* Ah! See, just even thinking about it gets me teary eyed! Sam is the best Hobbit that ever lived!!! He is so faithful to Frodo, and...and....he is just so great! I like the movies in the order they came out in: The Fellowship, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Oh, and I have to say this: I loved Aragorn through the whole thing. He was great. However, that last scene where he becomes king........HE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT!!!! That absolutley stupid crown and outfit! Bleck! If I was Arwen, I would have told him I wasn't going to kiss him till he changed back into his cool Ranger outfit. There, I have said it.


Rose said...

Yay! You watched it! *looks confused* Er, as I remember it, the book and the movie both end the same way. Frodo and Bilbo ride off to the Grey Havens, Bilbo, Gandalf and Galadriel get on the ship, Frodo tells Merry, Sam and Pippin that he is leaving too, they all cry, Frodo leaves, Sam comes home to Bag End and says "Well, I'm back". The end.
Or do you mean the ending before the ending with the scourging of the Shire?

Hey! Aragorn's crown was a THOUSAND times better than Caspian's! Aragorn's crown LOOKED like something a king would wear! Caspian's looked like Burger King! And at least his hair looked clean, for once!

Didn't you just feel so happy and ready to bawl when Aragorn said "My friends, you bow to no one" and then EVERYONE bowed to the hobbits? I LOOOOVED that part!!!!

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

The ending was different. Yes, I missed the scourging of the Shire, but also, Merry and Pippen ran after Frodo, because Frodo had left without telling them.

IS NOT!!! I don't like Caspian's crown because it looked fake, but Aragorn's looked sooooo dorky!!! It was way worse than Caspian's! Even Danny said so, and he hates Caspian with a vengence.

Yes!!! It was so sweet! Actually I did cry at that part as well.

Angel_Horses said...

You are so funny, Vicki =P

M. Elin N. said...

I AM A LOTR NUT!! THey are my absolute favorite EVERRR!!1 BOOKS AND MOVIES! I thought the endings in both were sad *sniff* I LOVE LEGOLAS, GIMLI, MERRY, PIPPIN, AND ARWEN. THey are ABSOLUTE my favorite IN THE PLANET!!!!!
And Aragorn did NOT look like an idiot - but he looked MUCH better as a Ranger. :) And it was so sweet when everyone bowed to the hobbits...*sniff*...