Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have finally gotten around to creating my own playlist! It is located at the bottom of my blog. There's somewhat of an order to it - but is liable to change:

1-13 Christian music/songs

14-30 Music (no words)

31-48 Songs (with words)

14 One of my favorites: Dueling Violins

15-16 Jon Schmidt

18-22 Braveheart music

23-25 Instrumental music

26-27 P&P

28 An instrumental song that I just discovered on Earwen's blog

17, 29-31 LOTR

32-34 Enya

35 Cool LOTR-ish song

36-39 Josh Groban

40-41 Taylor Swift

42-44 Favorite songs on love

45-46 John Denver

47-48 Random favs



Ardhoniel said...

Nice playlist! Anyways I think I met you at the retreat. There were somany people it was overwhelming. Your from Ave Cor right and your sister is Hannah. You came with another girl named Anna. My "real" name is Abigail and I'm pretty short. I slept in the library.~Ardhoniel

Victoria Rose said...

AHH! You were there! And yes, you have all that info right. I may have met you....did you wear like a...uh...gray - I think it was gray - jacket? And did did you go to camp and were in the cabin Luke? If so...I know you! LOL!