Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear readers,

Our country is at a crucial point: Will our nation fund abortion through a so called "health care reform" bill or not?

On Sunday (the Lord's day), the decision will be made; the House of Representatives will vote, and if the bill passes it will become law.

In summary, I am begging all registered voters to call their Representatives and urge them to vote a hearty "NO" on the bill. The least we can do to insure the protection of the most innocent of human beings is to make a phone call.

Not to mention, that if this bill passes we will have socialized medicine - no more personal choice as to what health insurance you want. If you're a Senior citizen and you need health care, you will have to go before a board that will decide if you're worth it or not.

According to Yahoo News: "Beginning in 2014, most Americans would be required for the first time to purchase insurance or face penalties if they refused." Did you get that? We will be forced to pay for something that a) we may not be able to afford or b) that we may not even want in the first place! Don't forget that in the process we would be paying for other peoples' abortions, as well.

America, is that really what you want? A socialist country? Because if you vote yes, that's exactly what your going to get: the first step towards Communism.

Please phone, email, write, even drive down and tell your Representative in person, that you do not want this bill.

Thank you.

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