Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Gabriel!

I love you so much Gaby! Everyone - except Dad - voted that Mom would have a girl, and then out came a wee bonnie boy...you. Although we were momentarily stunned and slightly disappointed (after three brothers, Hannah and I wanted a sister), we soon realized that we wouldn't change you for anything. You are a bundle of energy, fun to be with, a hard worker, and you love God and life.
Happy Birthday Gaby!

Don't I have a good looking little brother? ;) Forgive me, but he's just so cute I have to post all these pictures of him. :)

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Claire said...

Wow, he IS a cutie! Can't believe I've never met your brothers... actually, I see a lot of resemblance to you (that's a compliment to him). ;)