Friday, July 16, 2010

Results for Guess that Movie

Bravo everyone! Now for the winners!

1st place: Remmirath and Yaviel tied

2nd place: Lindsay

3rd place: Rose Marchen

4th place: Lady Blanch Rose and RoseinFaith tied

List of movies in order and those who guessed them:

1. Enchanted (Yaviel and Rose Marchen)

2. Ever After (Yaviel)

3. Chicken Little (Remmirath)

4. Prince Caspian (Yaviel, Lindsay, Rose Marchen, and Remmirath)

5. Star Wars/Yoda

6. Battle of the Bulge

7. Star Wars/Jar-Jar Binks (Lindsay and Remmirath)

8. Ben Hur

9. Singing in the Rain (RoseinFaith)

10. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring (Lady Blanch Rose, Yaviel, Remmirath, Lindsay, and Rose I'm giving you .5 credit for this one because you did guess LOTR but not the right episode. ;))

Good job everyone! And I highly recommend Battle of the Bulge. Awesome movie. Family favorite.

1 comment:

Remmirath said...

Ooh, that was fun!! :) Let's do it again, please Vicki??

And I'm horribly ashamed that I forgot the Ever After reference. *sigh* Oh well. ;)