Friday, May 6, 2011

School, future plans, and dreams

I've been having a lot of thoughts (and prayers) lately about - for a lack of better words - my future. I have exactly two Geometry Tests and a research report on Roe v. Wade to finish and I am officially finished with high school forever! Along with the knowledge that I will be signing up for fall classes at the local community college soon, I've wondered if I really want to major in Early Childhood Ed. I just have this feeling that I want to do something more meaningful with my life. I mean let's face it, Early Childhood Education is not exactly the most exciting thing out there.

I played around with the idea to photography, because over the past months I have become infatuated with wedding and graduation photo shoots. I love them! However, I have absolutely no experience with this field of work and it is not something that you can really live off of unless you are really good.

The other majors that I have somewhat of an interest in is Theology, Philosophy, and maybe Politics (yeah I know, I'm weird). However, there are not a lot of profitable job opportunities in Theology and Philosophy unless you want to teach and that usually requires a PhD, and I am not doing that!

I had the craziest idea last night while I was lying in bed. You see, I love to plan, organize, and administrate events. It's so much fun! So as this dreamer had the idea to form an organization that would focus on evangelizing -so to speak - on three things dear to her heart: The Eucharist, the pro-life movement, and feminine modesty. Additionally, she even thought of patron saints for each topic, a boy and girl saint for each. She continued to dream of how awesome it would be to hold a national conference every year that would have have three sections - one for every topic - and have top Catholics from around the US to speak on them. And I mean big names! Like Father Frank Pavone (for pro-life), Colleen Hammond (modesty), and Scott Hann (the Eucharist). Then this crazy girl went even further to say, "Hey! To go along with modesty, we can have a section of chivalry for the guys! Then we could have someone like Doug Barry come and speak to them!"

Yeah. I got kind of carried away, but it was so much fun dreaming about it! Then I came back to reality that 1) there are soooo many groups/organizations popping up all over the place that are aimed at youth and young adults that it would be ridiculous to start another one; 2) I don't know how to start one; 3) I'm still in high school! :P So yeah, not happening.

Well, I think that's enough rambling for today.

Oh! One more thought: did anyone watch the first Republican Presidential debate on Fox News last night? It was so much fun. I am so voting for Rick Santorum! He's Catholic, conservative, has 7 kids, and is pro-life!

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