Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm back from camp!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides getting sick at the end of camp and having to spend precious time in bed, I had a great time and can't wait to go back next year. It was actually kind of fun because I had to sleep in what is known as the Manor House, and I had a room with an actual bed and a bathroom just down the hall! After sleeping in a cabin for days it was heaven! The second night in the Manor House I had a girl named Rachel stay in the bed next to mine and we had a lot of fun! I met some really neat girls and hope to see them next year. Here are some of the pictures out of the 143 that I took. Hope you enjoy them!
A group pic before the hay ride began

Me, Rachel, Hannah (sis), Olivia

Fr. Foeckler (sp?) our priest for the week. (Thank you for being there Father!)

The cook with his lobster hat

In my room at the Manor House with Rachel (on the left) and Olivia ( on the right)


One of the Miles Jesu Ladies in her Slovakian dance outfit

More dancing!

A French braid

Here is a hair style I invented at camp which I named: The Swizzle

Another shot of the Swizzle

A rope bun in my hair done by the talented and beautiful Claire Halbur!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Each cabin had to put on a skit, and one cabin did the story of Ruth. This picture is of the two girls that playeded the cousins of Naomi; on the left is Steph who played Josh, and on the right there is Rachel who played Boaz. Don't they make a couple of handsome dudes? Just kidding.


Claire said...

Great photos, Vicki! We are still laughing at that last one! :)

Hope you are feeling full better. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself, despite the stomach bug!


Victoria said...

Thanks Claire! Yeah, that last one is the best.

Yes, I am feeling much better and eating everything in sight!...not really. *smile*
God bless,

Miss Megan said...

I liked all of the photos especially the ones of my hair in the swizzle braid. Amanda said that Rachel your room mate could have passed for boy because of the way she acted and the beard and mustache ={

Your sister in Christ,

Hannah said...

ohhh!! I REMEMBER THAT!! *Burst out laughing* RACHEL LOOKS SOOO FUNNY IN THAT LAST PIC!!! WHOO! OH! *wipes tear off face as she laughs* We filmed the first half of her skit an when my brothers saw it they started laughing VERY hard! They have also been quoting her FOR A WHILE saying: "Hey Ruth! How's it goin'?" LOL!
Thanks Big sis for the pics!!
Elizabeth Swan
P.S. Anybody have pictures of the St. Matthew skit? We did 'Saunterella.' Vicki and me didn't get any pictures:(

Anonymous said...

Hey,I loved our Rachel and Boaz Skit.

Rachel said...

What amazing hairstyles! : )

Rachel xxxx

Victoria said...

Megan: It was a pleasure to do your hair! Yeah, they could definitely pass for guys all rigged up like that. Hahahaha!

Sister Hannah: you are so dramatic! *rolls eyes* Hahaha! Love ya.

Hannah: Yes I definitely think yours was the best!

Rachel: Thank you for your comment. And believe it or not, those hair pics are just a couple out of the hundreds of beautiful styles we did that week!