Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chastity is a Lifestyle

(A poem by an unwed teen mother)

Chastity... the key toHeaven's Gate.
Chastity, if he really loves you, he'll wait.
It's all about the truth, love and understanding.
If he really respected you, he wouldn't be so demanding.

Don't be fooled by Satan's schemes.
A lot of hings can happen. Know what I mean?
Don't give in to every word he says.
'Cause you'll be miserable for the rest of your days.

Trust in the Lord and never lose your faith.
Just wait for the time He sends your mate.
But if you think you've found him, and you think it's true,
The only way to tell is if he waits for you.

So if he has any plans to leave and walk out the door,
Let him go and remember, you're worth waiting for.


TrinaBina said...

What a wonderful poem! I might post it on my blog sometime in the near future, is that ok?

Victoria said...


Victoria said...


Elle said...

That is Beautiful.
it makes me want to cry somehow.
it is just amazing.