Thursday, October 29, 2009

SAT Scores Are In!!!

Yes, I finally can sleep at night! :) I didn't sleep at all last night, because I kept dreaming that my score was going to be to low to get an academic scholarship to get into Franciscan. I was woken up to my mom crawling onto my bed to wake me up and saying, "Today is the day! I have your computer up, the collegeboard website up, all you have to do is enter your password." I love my mommy. :) Anyway, I threw on my robe, with heart pounding, and hurried down to my laptop. I put in my username and password, and behold! My long awaited scores.

Now, I'm going to share my scores with all of you, not because I want to brag or show off, but because I know they wouldn't have been possible without all of your prayers, and I want to thank you all by letting you in on them. To be sure, they aren't spectacular, but I'm proud of them all the same.

So...*drumroll* total score was a 1490.

I got an 8 on my Essay, which I am very glad about because I thought I was going to flunk that one. The way it works is that there are two graders and there score have to be the same (and the individual score ranges from 1-6 and then you add the two scores). So, that means that I got two 4's. Praise you Jesus Christ!

Thank you again everyone. I truly believe that your prayers got me this score. Love you all!


P.S. By the way, do you like my new profile picture? :P


Justine said...

Congrats! :D

Rose Marchen said...

Yay!!! I'm veddy happy for you!!!! =D

And I LOVE your new profile pic!

Claire said...

Good job and congrats! I'm happy for you.

Oh, and is that photo really you? Can't tell!

Cousin Rose said...

Yay!!! Congrats! :D

~Cousin Rose~

Ardhoniel said...

Well done! I heard you are going to a Dominican Retreat this weekend. God willingly I will be there too. It will be my second one. I haven't been there in years but if they are still the same you and your sister will love it! I know I did(thats why I'm going back!)I look forward to meeting you there. ~Ardhoniel

Victoria Rose said...

Thank you everyone.

Claire - Yes, that is really me.

Ardhoniel - Sweet! I'll hope to see you there. :)

Adonnenniel said...

Good work, dear!!! I hope you get into FUS!!!