Monday, September 8, 2008

Literature Poem

When I was in 10th grade I had this assignment for Roman Literature: Create your own myth, including the theme of transformation. Be as creative as possible, while still adhering to the rules of organization and grammar.
I love writing poems (even though they aren't that good), so naturally I was thrilled. Let me know what you think of it!

The Cheetah’s Legend

Along the coast of Africa
Their lived a man of speed.
He entered all contests of swiftness,
In these he won the laurel wreath.

God of speed was Mercury true,
Twas he that gave this mortal his pace.
A gift from a god to him
That had a freckled face.

The young man became full of pride,
He knew the power he possessed to run around the world.
Mercury came to warn him of this danger,
Lest Jove become angered, and sweep away his precious pearl.

The youth was not affected by the news,
He just laughed the laugh of arrogance.
He boldly asked his benefactor,
“Would you like to try the globe’s circumference?”

Mercury accepted the challenge,
Out of anger and fury.
They departed to prepare for the day,
The boy had set the date without a care or worry.

The day arrived fresh and new,
They lined up at the start:
Mercury with his feet of wings
And the youth speedy as a dart.

As Triton blew his horn from off shore,
The two were off and out of sight.
They kept close together for a time,
But ahead the mortal began to creep, much to his delight.

The race completed,
The victor was pleased.
He bragged to all who were near,
But anger had Mercury seized.

With his caduceus in hand,
He raised his hand above,
To strike the youth
With the hardest shove.

Before he could strike,
His hand was held firm.
Apollo had arrived with a message from Jove,
“Don’t kill but change.”

With this said Apollo handed over sacred berries
Used only by the gods in time of need.
So squeezing them out over the youth’s head,
Mercury chanted the words for change with speed.

The man began to crouch to the ground,
His limbs did shorten and his form lengthens.
One facile feature he was allowed to keep,
His freckles spread down to his feet.

He was banished to the open field,
Having to search for a decent meal.
However, the youth, now surnamed Cheetah,
Will still be the fastest, now and forever.

The End.