Monday, September 29, 2008

Rome vs USA

"Look at our Government! A mere hollow shell! It has no moral fiber! Content with its luxury, indolence, and profligacy, its extravagant pageants in honor of its silly gods; ruled by an insane dotard and a drunken nonentity!...Rome is doomed! I do not venture to predict when or how Nemesis will arrive-but it is on its way. The Roman Empire is too weak and wicked to survive!" (Chapter 1, page 20)

I read this passage in the book, The Robe, which by the way I highly recommend, and it struck me how similar it was to to America. For those of you who don't about this book, it is based on Centurion Marcellus who crucified Jesus, and his conversion to Christianity. It was made into a motion picture (which my family owns), but, as always, the book rules! It is truly sad how the United States is so like the crumbling Rome and is threatened to fully collapse under our possible, immoral, candidate for President, Barack Obama. We must pray! We must pray hard for the upcoming elections, and that the God would spare the USA from what it deserves for its wickedness.

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