Thursday, March 12, 2009

The man of many voices!

Okay, here is my bother who imitates the voices of (in order) Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Will Turner, Legolus, Peter Pevensie, Prince Caspian, Barbossa, Miraz, Gollum, a pirate from Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl, Bilbo, Gandolf, Gimli, and Gandolf again.

Here is the script just in case you can't understand what he saying.

Porky: Welcome to my humble abode.

Daffey: And happy birthday you sucker!

Will: My name is not sucker!

Legolus: It's Legolus, son of Bootstrap Bill (I told him to say Thranduil!!). His blood runs in my veins.

Peter: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be opening your presents.

Caspian: No! Tonight I want the truth.....did you steal my birthday cake?!

Barbossa: First - this is for you Theresa (he was talking about the hat) - the return of your cake was not part of our agreement nor our negotiations, so we must do nothin'. Second, you must be a pirate to have that cake and your not. And thirdly, you could consider this a Corporal Work of Mercy considern' we're hungry. Your not welcome aboard the Black Lollipop, Miss Caspian.

Miraz: I liked it better in my room.

Gollum: Your room stinkses! No fish! Gollum! Gollum! Give it to us raw and wriiiiiigly!

Pirate: You sir!

Bilbo: Uh, right!

Pirate: You stole the cake didn't you!

Bilbo:Of course I did! Almost as old as I am. What say we eat it all, right?

Gandolf: Just tea thank you.

Bilbo: Oh, right.

Gimli: Ech, tea! Give us roaring fire, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone. Beer enough to make you float! (that wasn't too good. He's done better with that line.)

Gandolf: Just tea thank you.

Gimli: Humbug.

Danny: Bye!


Anonymous said...


Teresa said...

sorry Danny your gollum voice was pathetic! even Amanda can do him better then you!!!! just wait until Sunday!!!!!! *runs of to make a gollum video herself to prove shes better than Danny*

Rose said...

*claps* Wonderful! Wonderful!
My official critiques:

Porky: Uh, don't know what he sounds like.

Daffey: Very good, very good.

Will: Splendid!

Legolas: GAH! It's THRANDUIL (or however you spell it). And too close to Will's. I know they are the same actor... but Legolas doesn't talk like that.

Peter: WONDERFUL! *get dreamy, deluded look in eyes* Oh my gosh, it's PETER! *runs after who she thinks is Peter but is really Danny*

Caspian: Good! The first part sounded just like him... but you kinda started to lose it at "did you steal, etc."

Barbossa: I think you've nailed that one!

Miraz: LoL, excellent!

Gollum: *gags* Sorry, watch the movie a couple more times and practice a bunch.

Bilbo: Excellent! Sounded just like him on the "Almost as big as I am!"

Gandalf: AHHHH! That was SO COOL! You sounded JUST like him! I think the Gandalf (spelled it wrong Vicks!) was the best one!

Gimli; Sorry, way to deep there. Good dwarve voice... but not Gimli. Again, watch the movie a few more times.

Danny: Ah, a very good imitation!

The end!