Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy 8's

A new meme! Rose kindly tagged me, which I am very thankful for because I was at a loss of things to post about! ;)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
  1. AVE COR MARIAE CAMP!!!!! July 4-11 here I come!!! Woot!!!
  2. Finishing my Junior year
  3. meeting my Bear or Fish (I think if I ever get married, my guy will most likely be a combination of Bear and maybe I should say waiting for my Besh...or.....Fiar???) ;)
  4. the filming of Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  5. the filming of The Hobbit
  6. hopefully going to the March for Life
  7. going to Heaven...I hope
  8. hmm.....uh....what should I put for #8???! I got it! Hopefully going to the Fairy Tale Novel get-together at Regina Doman's house in August!!!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
  1. dragged myself out of bed
  2. made muffins and ate them
  3. school
  4. lunch
  5. school
  6. forum
  7. dishes and dinner and dishes
  8. forum and bed

8 Things I Will Probably Do Tomorrow

  1. work at my new job from 10-4....*sighs*
  2. forum
  3. talk on the phone with Emmy and Rachel
  4. eat
  5. forum
  6. plan my CCD class
  7. forum
  8. a movie? yeah I know....boring
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
  1. ride a horse expertly
  2. hit a bulls-eye every time I shoot an arrow
  3. learn to listen more than talk
  4. act
  5. meet the actors from LOTR and Narnia
  6. sing better than...than....anyone! (yeah I know, I'm selfish and prideful :P)
  7. fall in love
  8. get married
8 Shows I Watch:
  1. we don't have TV
  2. but we rent shows from Netflix
  3. and own a few seasons
  4. Hogan's Heroes
  5. I Love Lucy
  6. The Three Stooges
  7. Andy Griffith Show
  8. The Beverly Hillbillies
8 People that I Admire
  1. the Virgin Mary
  2. Claire Halbur (love you Claire!!)
  3. John Paul II
  4. my parents
  5. St. Philomena
  6. St. Maria Goretti
  7. Tolkien
  8. and a person ;)
8 Things I Want To Be
  1. a wife
  2. a mother
  3. humble
  4. kind in thoughts and words
  5. a saint
  6. an expert archeress
  7. and expert swordsman....uh woman. :P
  8. and a beautiful singer

8 Tags:

if your name isn't one of these:
Addie and Elly
Cap'n Coon
Fizzy Lizzy
Then I tag you. ;) Rose took all the people I usually tag. *rolls eyes*


Anonymous said...

We own every season!!
Also MacGyver and Jeeves and Wooster!

Claire said...

Thanks, Vicki. Love you too! ;)