Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Hannah/Lizzy,

HAPPY SWEET 16TH M'DEAR!!! I love you so much, I could never ask for a better sister than you. :) Here are some sample pictures of my beautiful, fun-loving, crazy sister.

Don't her hair look b-e-a-u-tiful flying back like that?

I love this pic...it was a cool angle.

Her latest pic. She wanted to look "Maffia". *rolls eyes and gins*

Ah yes....that's my loverly sis.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Turwethiel, sorry about the 'friends thing'! When I write I just get so wrapped up in int that I forget the main points!
*gets down on knees and clasps hands imploringly* Forgive me!

Angel_Horses said...

LOVE YA LIZZY! :-D You're a beautiful, crazy young lady who if I ever meet I will glomp to death!!!!! :-D (just to warn you :P)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Hannah ;D :) :D

~*~ Miss Kathleen ~*~

Trina said...

Aw I missed it! At least I have a good excuse... ;)

Happy belated Birthday, Hannah!!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday Liz! Love the 'Mafia' picture. *giggles*