Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess who I talked to?

FISHY AND ROSE!!!!! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. *clears throat* My all time favorite books by Regina Doman are Shadow of the Bear (SoTB), Black as Night, and Waking Rose. SoTB is currently being filmed (turned into a movie) by my amazing forum "sister" Elena. Yesterday I talked to two of the main characters, Fish (Anthony) and Rose (Sharayah), on the phone with a handful of other girls from the Forum (dedicated to the Regina Doman books). IT WAS SOOOOO COOL!!! And what was funny was that they actors acted (well alright, sounded) like the characters they play!!! We weren't able to talk to Blanche (Hannah) because she didn't show up at the time we were on the phone, and Bear (Jed) wasn't there that day. It was so hard to restrain myself when Fish got on the phone; I wanted to scream like a fan girl sooooo bad!!! However, I did survive and didn't scare him off. ;)

To keep updated on the movie (and lots of pictures) go here:

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Adonnenniel said...

Hey, Aunt Vicki!
It's Addie, your crazy neice!
I tagged you for a meme on Ella and my blog, but it's the same one that you just did. :p *face palm*

Lotsa love,
Addie :)