Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 1

Okay, Rose was complaining that nobody does this with her, so I'm giving it a shot. To quote Rose: "...simply post about 5 random things on your blog every Saturday. They can be silly
things, serious things, educational things, whatever! The handy dandy "schedule post" feature even allows you to write your post on, say Thursday and have it show up on Saturday if you won't be around to post it on Saturday morning. Now you have no excuse." Well, I could come up with a lot of excuses, but never mind that now.
Today I am working five hours, and then as soon as I get off, I am getting rushed to a wedding reception. I'm missing the wedding (*is very upset*) but I'm making it to the reception (*is cheered up*).
I have four tiers done on my skirt so far, and I've got two more tiers, the two waist bands, and the zipper to go! It's exahsting to do the tiers, becuase they get bigger as you get down to the bottom ones. I'm using McCall's M5812:

Sorry the pic isn't better.


I'm working on a school essay on The Merchant of Venice. I'm actually starting to like it, because now I know what's going on in the play (thanks to Cliffs Notes). It is a persuasive essay on te Jewish villian, Shylock. The assignment said: "How is Shylock guilty of the deadly sins of avarice, envy, and wrath?" Also, I took a Biology test yesterday and scored a 96%!!!! :D That gives me an A for the third quarter. *is very happy*


Hmm......what to write last? Uh......Oh! Camp is in exactly ONE week!!!! Did you hear that people!??! ONE WEEK TILL CAMP!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

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