Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We will be holding our Second Annual Pirates Blog Week July 13th to July 19!!!!!!!!

Last year, Lady Rose, Lizzy/Hannah, and myself came up with the idea (due to being very into Pirates of the Caribbean at the time) to have a Pirate blog week to commemorate the five year anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean coming to theaters. To view what we all did last year, check out July 28th to August 3rd on any of our blogs. Be sure to check out my first Pirate post; it’s got an awesome Dance Challenge done to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean.

This year, we would like to invite anyone who is a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean to join in!!! What it involves:

A) You give your blog a new look, which means changing the background, the colors, and title if you wish.

B) Every day do at least one post on something piratical, such as last year we did caption it competitions for Pirates of the Caribbean pictures, video clips of the movie, pirate stories that we wrote, ect.

C) Last but not least, give your self a pirate name! We all chose characters from the movies, but turned them into our own. You may choose a character from the movies, or simply create your own pirate name. I’ll list the characters that are already taken from the movie, who took them, and what they turned them into:

Captain Jack Sparrow/Vicki(me)/Captain Coon Sparrow

William Turner/Rose/Captain Fox Turner

Elizabeth Swann/Lizzy/Elizabeth Swann

Captain Barbossa/Danny (might be joinign us this year)/Captain Wolfgang Barbossa

If you are going to be participating, please leave a comment, with your pirate name, to let me know.

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Adonnenniel said...

Ahoy, Capt. Spparrow!

I don't think I can be participating in yer pirate week (arrgh!), but shiver me timbers, I be more excited for it than a buccanneer sighting Treasure Isalnd! (arrgh!) I'll still be able to celebrate pirate week, however, because, (and I'm not pulling your peg leg here) the pirate show that I be rehearsing right now will be performing durin' yer pirate week! (arrgh!) Coincidence? METHINKS NOT! :D

Yer affectionate niece,

Pirate Addie :D