Friday, May 29, 2009

Catch up on my boring life

Hello all!!! I have taken it upon myself to inform my readers (you) about what has been happening since I last posted.

1) Thank you all for the prayers. I was able to work that day fairly well; my mom gave me coffee with extra caffeine, two Tylenol, and a Sudaphede. So yeah. thanks again everyone, I am sure your prayers helped me get through my shifts! :)

2) HAAAAANNAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *bangs head against wall* How could you?! How?! Why?! You see, my sister decided to be cruel, and post pictures of me that she knows I don't like!! They were some dopey, "FBI" pics that we took.....I hate them!!! I have way to much lipstick (not to mention the wrong color on), my hair was a mess, and my lips are what Hannah calls "baby lips" so they don't help my overall appearance. >:( Bad Hannah, bad!

3) We went to the zoo for the first time in about 7 years. It was a lot of fun; they had the cutest looking Chinese Panda.....he was just so adorable!!!! I'll post pics sometime.

4) uh........what else has been going on? hmm.....I am considering leaving the FT Forum........uuuhhhh.........I'm sewing two new skirts...........I'm going to try to take some elvish pictures today with Danny's Elf ears.............and I think that is pretty much it. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Not that you want to here about my life. Why would anyone want to hear about my life? My life is one of boredom and......wait!!! I got it!!!! *clears throat* Number five!!

5) I watched "Patriot" last night starring Mel Gibson.

*SPOILERS* Awesome movie. It is soooo good!!! OOOO! But that stupid British Colonel!!! I just wanted to shoot his head off with a cannon ball!!! HE WAS SO EVIL!!!! He shot a 15 year old boy in front of the whole family and then called him stupid to the father's face, locked a whole town in a church and burned them all alive inside, ordered the shooting (death) of wounded American soldiers, and so forth. So, moral of the movie: when you meet up with a nasty Colonel, kill him at the begging of the it not the end! They waited till the very last battle to kill the darn guy!!

Being a Mel Gibson movie, it naturally had blood, gore, and was rated R. However, still an awesome story and very well made. Not for little kids or the faint of heart. Little example: You see a cannon ball go flying through the air, there's a soldier standing there, and the next thing you see is his head get chomped right off from his body. So you are left seeing this headless/neck-less body fall to the ground.

My favorite lines (and they won't seem as funny unless you have seen the movie):
"I say we drink the wine, eat the dogs, and use the paper for rifle wadding."

"If I die, I die well dressed."

"I don't think we came to the right place."
"God save the King!"........*knives and food being thrown*
"I think we came to the right place."

So there you have it.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I did a post for you on my blog just now =D

Anonymous said...

I love those lines, haha!!!
Oh, what's your sister's blog?

The Other Katie said...

I love The Patriot! You forgot the line:
"Oh fireworks! Wonderful!"
Which you also have to see the movie to get. But that part is great. :P In your FACE Cornwallis! *ahem* Sorry. ^-^

Rose said...

Noooooo!!!! Preciousss mussst not leave usssss alone on the forumssss!!!! We won't let hersssss!!!!!!

Trina said...

Why are you considering leaving the forum?

Cousin Rose said...

:) They were good pictures... very FBIy...

Sweetpea Brandybuck Of Buckland said...

Oh sorry Jack is my little brother too!

Rachel Danielle said...

'Ello Vicki dahling. I've tagged you. Muah muah muah. :)

Rachel Danielle said...

I suppose I should call you Turwethiel instead...

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

Earwen - Thanks dear.

Katie - Oh yes! I totally forgot that line! That lady was such a ding-bat.

Rose - Precioussss can't ssstopsesss me!! We neeeeedsss to!!! ;)

Trina - Due to a busy schedule and for personal reasons.

Cousin Rose - Thanks dear. But I still don't like them.

Sweetpea - Huh?

Rachel - OOOO! Ok. and no, you can call me Vicki.