Friday, May 15, 2009

Narnia Tag

Okay, I found this blog and she had a Narnia blog that said: "Any Narnia fans can have the tag!" Well, I am a total Narina fan (even if I like LOTR better now), I mean after all, I am married to King Caspian X! ;) If you don't understand that join the Fairy Tale Forum and you will. So...the tag.

Fav. Narnia Book? The Magician’s Nephew

Fav. Character? In the books – Aslan I suppose. In the movies – Susan and Caspian, and Ed....and Lucy….and Peter…..I know I’m bad. I was only supposed to shoose one. :(

Fav. Pevensie? Uh….all of them *giggles*

Fav, King or Queen? Caspian

Fav. Talking Animal? Aslan and Reepicheep

Fav. Gift from Father Christmas? Susan's bow and arrow!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and Lucy’s healing juice stuff

Fav. Weapon? Susan's bow and arrow…..duh.

Fav. Bad guy? Know why would I want to like a bad guy?

Fav. "added scene" in movies? Oooo…hard. Well, although the Night Raid is really sad I like it and I also like a lot of the added scenes in LWW.

Fav outfit (in movie)? Susan’s Green Archery Dress, and without a doubt this one:

Fav. Line or quote from book or movie? Aw jee…..too many!!!

1) “Choose you last words carefully Telmarine.” “You are a mouse.” “I was hoping for something a little more orginal.” ~Caspian and Reepicheep

2) “I’m a little busy Pete!” ~Edmund

3) “Tell me Prince…” “King.” “Pardon me?” “It’s King Edmund, actally. Just King though. Peter’s the High King. I know. It’s confusing.” ~Miraz and Ed

4) “I didn’t say I refused.” ~Miraz

5) “I am Prince Caspian. The tenth.” ~you know who

6) And a bunch of others.


~Mr. or Mrs. Beaver? Ooooo. Hard one. Uh…..Mr. Beaver I guess.

Orieus or Glenstorm? ORIEUS!!!

Peter or Edmund? Peter in LWW and Ed in PC

Susan or Lucy? Susan……sometimes Lucy

Jadis or Miraz? Eek. Uh….well… I supposed to choose who is the more evil or which one is the lesser of the two?

Jill or Eustace? Eustace

Drinian or Rynelf? Uh….must be from the books which I read a long time ago

Reepicheep or Trufflehunter? Reepicheep

Trumpkin or Nikabrik? Trumpkin

Polly or Digory? Oh boy. Well…..both?

Bree or Hwin? Hwin……and Bree

Aravis or Shasta? *sighs* both

Rilian or Tirian? Rillian (heck, he’s my step son! :P)

Coriakin (the magician) or Ramandu (the star)? Coriakin?


Rose said...

Yay! I'm doing this!!!

Rachel (your far away friend in Colorado) said...

Hi Vicky! It's Rachel, I love your blog! I'm going to create one too. You just go to right? Or is it I guess I'll figure it out somehow.

Rachel Danielle said...

Hi again Vicky! I made a blog!

Rachel Danielle said...

Okay, so I know people usually don't go around asking to be tagged- but this is an awesome tag, and I'd like to be tagged!