Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Welcome...... my dear friend Rachel!!!! I have know Rachel for long have I know you Rachel? Oh well. The point is, is that she is my friend. :P Her fam used to live within walking distance of our CA home and we used to walk over and have movie nights in their big, movie theater room, with green walls, red curtains/blinds, black leather chairs and couches. have awsome times.....and man I miss those days, don't you Ray? So now I live in MI and she lives in CO. WAAAHAAAA!!! *cries* However, we do keep in contact, and now she has joined the blog world!!! So, please welcome Rachel!!!! *applause, applause* Do visit her blog; she is an awesome should see her room: strewn with notebooks that are filled with stories!! Love you Rachel!!


Rachel Danielle said...

Awwww.... I just saw this! Thanks so eternally much dearest! I miss you guys too! We've known each other a long time. I remember one of the first times I asked you how old you were you said fiftee (I'm pretty sure) Thank you for the kind and warm welcome!

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

Has it really been that long?! wow.