Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures! Pictures!!

I have been meaning to post these pictures for awhile now, so here they are. They are rather random and miscellaneous, but enjoy!

Pictures from Danny's birthday:

Beautiful Elf ears he got as a present. I think they look better on me. ;)

He also received the Ring of Doom (he's been wearing it around his neck for days)
Brother picture. Tony is wearing Danny's Legolas wig *rolls eyes* It got rather messed up.

In case you aren't aware of it, my brother Tony has abnormally large cheeks (not really). So, he decided to shove his whole slice of flan (the dessert of Danny's b-day) in his mouth. Believe it or not, it all fit.

Gaby's First Communion pics:

Ain't he the cutest? ;)
Gaby with his 1st Communion cake which Hannah and I made and decorated.

I frosted the cake, did half of the piping on the edges, made the roses, and put the little purple flowers on it; Hannah did the vines, leaves, and half the piping on the edges; Mom did the writing.

Pics from around the house:

David and Tony picking dandelions in the backyard

One of our many trees that are in bloom

Canadian Geese on our field

Canadian Geese on our lawn. Aren't they pretty?

Okay, these are two pics of the actors in Danny's LOTR Fellowship of the Ring movie he is making with some friends. He wrote his own script for it (200+ pages), and it is a combination of the movie, the book, and his own ideas.

Aragorn (who is also playing the Witch King)

Bilbo. A perfect Hobbit, no? (He's also doing the voice of Gollum, I think. *shrugs*)

Hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

I have GOT to get a pair of those ears...
Wow! Do you think we should tell people about Aragorn's double life?
Oh, and LOVE the hobbit pose.

Adonnenniel said...

I love the pictures, Vicki!! That First Communion cake is amazing-all those roses...wow...
*is awed by her cake decorating skills*

Turwethiel Merilwen said...

Earwen-I should write a book on his past life. Muhahahaha!!!

Why thank you Addie! :) I've done cake decorating sporadically for about 2-3 years.

Trina said...

Great pictures!
And WOW, GREAT job on the cake!
Happy First Communion to your brother! My sister just had hers :)

Hannah said...

LOL! Awesome pictures! I need to get myself some of those ears...

LOL, the hobbit pose was great! :D



Anonymous said...

Okay, I want the Ring, the wig, and the ears.
"We musst have them, preciousss"