Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prayers Please

I have to work tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Memorial day) and I am sick. I have a nasty cold that feels like it could be turning into a flu-like cold. *makes a sick face* Runny nose, stuffed up nose, aching sinuses, headache, heavy chest, sore throat......the works. So, if you could pray for healing,that I won't have to call in sick for work, and that if I am still sick but able to work that I can make it through the long hours of my shifts. Thanks.



Elrania Peredhil said...

I hope you feel better :)

~Elrania Peredhil~

Rachel Danielle said...

I'll pray for you!

Trina said...

Oh no, I hope it's not the SWINE FLU!! I mean... N1H1, or whatever... :P

Joking aside, I'll pray for you! Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...


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Adonnenniel said...

Praying for you Vicki... :( I hope you have a happy memorial day in spite of your health!