Thursday, January 14, 2010

New look

As you can all see, I have changed up my blog a little bit; adding and subtracting here and there.

~New background and colors
~Countdown at the end of the posts
~A poll *points to the top of the sidebar*
~New playlist
~A blog roll list

-My "Who are you?" results for LOTR and POTC
-My old blog list

I hope you enjoy the new look! :)


Ardhoniel said...

I love your new playlist! And don't feel bad about still acting like a sixteen year old. I feel the same way. Who wouldn't want to be sweet 16 forever!

Trina said...

Love the new background!

Oh, and that big red button on the bottom of your blog? It's evil. I just wasted like 15 minutes of my life on it.
How can I get it on MY blog??

Victoria Rose said...

Ardhoniel - Thank you. I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Trina - Muhahaha!! I love that thing. True, it does waste time, but it's so...crafty? ;) I'll send you the HTML for it.

Trina said...

Yeah it is. It's very clever, I thought.

And, YES! Thank you!! It is SO going on my blog. :D