Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to post...

I hate it when I am out of ideas. *pouts* Did you all know that I'm turning 20 this year. Yeah, you read it right, I am going to be turning 20 years old. *screams in terror* I'm not ready to be 20!!! I feel like I'm still 16; I have a lot of growing up to do. Pray for moi.

Oh yes, I have a long overdo announcement to do. My brother Danny started a blog a little while back and I invite you all to check it out and please become one of his followers (that would make him so excited). He loves to write, make movies, and is very funny. Click here to go to A lot o' Celtic nonsense aboot...Nuttin'

Also, my dear friend Lady Rose has (and is still in the process of developing) a website about modesty. It is very educational and a pleasure to read. Please hop on over to The Modesty Mall and check it out!

God bless


Rose Marchen said...

Thanks for the recommendation, dear!

By the way, I love your background!

Anonymous said...

My dear- don't worry about turning 20. And for goodness sake do not lose sleep over it. Trust in God. This is a new adventure and He is holding your hand tight.

As for growing up- never stop being childlike.  (Note: not childish…big difference)

Oh and you think you got problems!!! I am turning 17!!! That is 71 backwards!!!! I am old before my time!! 20 is only 2!! You have got nothing to worry about, darling. *dies of old age*


Trina said...

O.o twenty?! So, wait a second... that means you're four years older than me... ONLY FOUR? Just four more years until *I* turn 20??
*runs away to do all the childish things I can get away with before I turn 20*

Hehehehee just kidding!
I'll be praying for you, dear! <3