Monday, January 11, 2010

A Teen Girl's Daybook

(Inspired by Rose, and I know this was supposed to be done on Saturday, but oh well. Deal with it.)

Date... Monday, January 11th, 2010

Starting time... 12:50 AM

Mood... Slightly depressed/overwhelmed

Outside my window... snow, snow, snow, and more snow

I'm thinking... That my Senior year is going to be harder than I thought

I'm reading... Death Comes to the Archbishop by Willa Cather (not very entertaining)

I'm listening to... my mom on the phone

I'm wearing... my black sweats, Survivor 73 t-shirt, and my dad's jacket (really warn jacket!)

Yesterday, I... actually did this hair style: < >

I'm excited for... the weekend (yes, it is only Monday and I want the weekend)

I'm sad because... I have to finish this up so that I can sweep the floor

I'm hungry for... mint ice cream

The song stuck inside my head is... I Dreamed a Dream from Le Misarelab (sp?)

I want... to graduate

I love... God and peanut butter with chocolate

I loathe... bad movie endings

This week, my goal is... to finish all my school assignments for the week (and maybe another hair style)

Did I meet last week's goal?... yes, it was to try one new hair style

Ending time... 12:59

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