Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to normal

Alright, it is back to normal now....waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! But, I plan to do a Narnia Week in December (the anniversary of when LWW came to theaters). What should I post about this month? Should I have a different theme every month? Or should I just give updates on myself and what is going on in my life? Leave a comment and let me know what your opinion is. God bless!

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Raewyn said...

Whee! Fun! You must warn me in advance so I can do it...I'm such a scatterbrain...lol!

That's a really cool idea...hm, different themes. I know I'm trying to make mine more Catholic. I haven't really posted about Saints or Our Lady yet...which is bad. *sheepish grin*

Maybe a good idea would be to dedicate a post (or two ;)) each month for the intention of the month. For example: August is dedicated to honoring Mary's Immaculate Heart. I'm also trying to work on celebrating the Saints' feast days...

Book and film reviews are always interesting because they allow us readers to see what you see when you read a certain book or watch a certain movie. :)

Maybe some stuff about your favorite things - mine are coffee, rainy days, books and music. Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll be great and I can't wait!