Saturday, August 2, 2008


All right ye scoundrelous dogs! Ah might as well tell ye both....meanin' Turner and Swann.....that ye both have been mistaken all along. Ah 'ave had the medallion the whole bloody time! And here it be *pulls medallion out from shirt*
*both reach for but Ah shove it back in shirt and slaps their hands with my sword* Naughty! *major sword fight commences* Wait a minute mates! Ah think we should explain to audience what be goin' on, ay? What say ye to that? *Turner and Swann agree* Well, ye see Elizabeth 'ere claimed she had the medallion first, but then bloody Will...I mean Fox...came along and stole it. Well, as it turns out, neither of them had the ruddy thing because Barbossa (that be my brother) just gave me the genuine one from the Isle de Muerta (how on earth do you spell the bloody island?!) just a fortnight ago, savvy? So, now that ye all get the picture *slowly starts backing up* Ye will excuse me. *takes off running leaving Turner and Swann in the dust...jumps on the Black Pearl and shouts out* Farewell ye unfortunate scallywags! Hahaha! What really matters is this....what a man can steal....and what a man can't steal. *heads out to sea* *turns face towards camera* Pirate! *theme song starts to play* Wait! I forgot me Cap'n mate! *grabs Fox and heads back to sea...theme songs continues*

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Captain Fox Turner said...

*jumps on pirates ship*
Thanks mate!
*pushes Coon overboard, but grabs medallion first*
Thanks mate!
*jumps on canon, fires while grabbing rope thing and lands in the crows nest of the Black Rose*
And that was without even a single drop of rum!
*whistles Pirates theme, while playing with medallion, knowing Coon can't make it up to crows nest*
Oi! Wait a min!
*realizes what she is holding*
This thing is cursed!
*pulls coon out of water, shove medallion in hand, puts her back on own ship*
There! That's better!
*climbs back up to crows nedst, whistles Pirates theme, playing with 10 carat gold medallion from jewelry shoppe, knowing Coon can't get her up here.*