Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She came!

And a couple more pirates ta boot! We had a whole houseload of pirates and boy did we have fun!


Lady Rose said...

Hardeeharhar matey!!!!

Yes, I Came, I Saw... I Surrendered!!!! Can't go up against such fearsome pirates as your brothers! Whom I love, by the way!!!!!!!!!!! Can I borrow them some time? After seeing the plethora of swords and pirate hats, I am seriously lamenting the absence of them in our very femininely influenced household!

It was so cute, when we opened our car door, David looked in, saw me and said "You must be Amanda/Captain Fox Turner (can't remember which). I am David Mellino". They are all so polite!
And of course, you were wonderful too! *hugs*
Can't wait to come back for your birthday! If Claire can come, I'll have to bring the Phantom piano music and we'll rope her into singing all the songs for us with her lovely high voice! What say ye Cap'n Coon?

Victoria said...

Haha! It was sooo much fun havin' ye over matey. You may take me brothers anytime ye like...I would loooove to get them off me hands more often! Oh yes! We have to get Claire to sing those songs. Pleeeease bring the Prince Caspian sound track too!