Friday, August 1, 2008

Caption it!

Ahoy! It be Caption it day and it 'appens to land on Pirate Week! So here be three pictures for ye to caption. Oi hope ye come up wit some ruddy good ones!


Cap'n Tiger Teague keeper of the code said...

#1 " you cant talk your way out of this one" *jack* "what are you talking about mate?"

#2 *Elizabeth* "what doe you want?"
*Jack* nothing nothing at all."

#3 *Barrbosa* "hows my hare lookin today?"

Captain Fox Turner said...

#1: Jack: Sorry, I don't want to buy any vacuum cleaners.

#2: Elizabeth: Jack, you PROMISED this would point to that new dress I wanted. WHERE IS IT?
Jack: I am terribly sorry, I didn't know. If I find it, I shall inform you immediately.

#3: Barbossa: Now, don't worry, the fish n' chips are very good. If ye find a bone, don't worry. I'll pick it out for ye if ye don't choke on it first. And the chips should be done, but I wouldn't worry or count on it. If ye have any problems with the food, I shall ring the cooks neck immediatly if that would help things. Oh, and the wine is of the best kind, it was drugged by Tia Dalma herself. And the apples are magnificent I hear....
Elizabeth: *thinking* Jack was right, he hasn't been the same since Isle Demureta. We are having pizza!