Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothin' much

Yeah, yeah, I know I have been neglecting my blog. Sorry. Nothing much has been happening around here except mosquito bites. I look like I have the chicken pox on my feet and half way up my legs....and they itch like heck! Oh well, life goes on.

Okay, this is really random, but I was with my family going grocery shopping (my feet get so tired on those trips) and as we went down one of the isles, I spotted a very Narnian thing......Turkish Delight! I have never seen in the store before (I don't know why), and it made me feel like a little bit of Narnia was present. I know that sounds really weird but it's true! LOL!

My dear partner Fox Turner and I are going to be teaming up again! Only this time it will be in person. She and her family are coming up to pick peaches and they are going to visit my family and I while they are here. I can't wait!

So other than that and school nothing else is going on on this side of the screen. Hope you all enjoyed a great summer!

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