Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check this out!

My brother Danny composed this song and he has never had a single piano lesson!

*ruffles up with sisterly pride* He needs a name for it and is asking for suggestions. So, names anyone?


Claire said...


Just so you know, the video wouldn't load for me. Also, I just have to ask... how did you get your blog's reading level at "genious"? Did you put up an extraordinarily deep post sometime? =)

Victoria said...

*burst out laughing* Claire, I have no idea how I got my blog to that level! I sure wouldn't have put it at that, because I have never written any deep post like you and Amanda have.*shrugs* At first the level was at high school, and then a month or two later I decided to do it again, and it said genius. ?????????

Rose said...

Oh really, when have I ever posted anything profound?

Cool song Danny!!!! Titles, titles.... it sounds gypsy-ish...
I'll get back to you!

Anonymous said...

Very good! i like to compose things too. could you post the notes he uses in order, for the right hand? i have some of it figured out, but it would take awhile to do do it all by ear and watching.
He looks alot like you.:)
Cor Mariae

yavielmarie said...

Name??? hmm?? Maybe something that has to do with a night ride! or something like that??