Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To cut or not to cut? That is the question.

I am having the most difficult time deciding whether or not to cut my hair.
As you can see, it's rather long, which can be annoying at times.

This is just a dopey picture my brother took. Hehe!

Anyway, should I cut it, and if so, how short? I was thinking off the shoulders, because I haven't had my hair that short yet and it might look cute. *shrugs* If I do cut my hair I will donate it to Locks of Love.
So, to cut or not to cut?

Don't I look older with glasses? And no, I don't wear glasses (these are my Mom's).


Anonymous said...

well i know i wouldn't cut my hair which is longer but thinner than yours. i think long hair is lovely.
just my opinion, and remember, Vox populi is Not Vox Dei.:) the elections mirror that.:(
nice blog,
Cor Mariae

Angel_Horses said...

Oh, you have lovely hair!!!! Don't cut it! Only people with thin hair should cut their hair.

Hey, your hair looks almost exactly the same shade as my hair :) (though my hair is shorter, I think)

Claire said...

Oh, you know me. I say keep it. But I'll still love you if you decide to cut it! :)

Golly, wouldn't I love to invent a "do" on you right now! ;)

Victoria said...

Wow! maybe I should kee it long, everyone else seems to think so. Lol!

Claire, do invent one for me!!!! We should have a national hair day (held at my house :P) and you can come and invent new hairstyles for everyone!:) I really want you to do the X's and O's on me. Also, if I cut my hair, I'll need you to make make some short hair styles for me. *grin*

Rose said...

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't cut it!!!!

I shall disown you if you do!

(Although, if you cut it mid back... you'd look even more like Susan than you already do...)

Angel_Horses said...

DON'T CUT IT!!!!!!!!

And Vicki, I can't tell if you look better with or without glasses, since I haven't seena picture that shows your face right side up without glasses =P

yavielmarie said...

How long would ten inches be on your? if I knew that it might help me to decide whether or not you could cut =)

Claire said...

"National Hair Day"? What fun! ;) Ah, if only I had unlimited time and travel resources, we could put it on. (I doubt it's on the calendar yet, but every other "National such-and-such Day" is, so why not??)