Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lord of the Rings Makeover

To all LOTR friends who have been striving to get me to read the books,
I am going to try to read the books. Yes, I have finally decided to start reading the Fellowship (from the beginning) and see how I like it. I will admit that I am (and have been) taken with the Elves for quite some time and when I took the Character quiz I found that I really am at heart! Whoop!!! Three times I was Legolas, and once I was Eowyn.

In the meantime, I have decided that it was time to refresh this blog with a new look. So, What do you guys think of my blogs new look? Please leave a comment and let me know!!!! Oh! And the title is my name in Elf. *grin*


Rose said...

*runs screaming around the room* YES YES YES!!! SHE IS GOING TO TRY IT!!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

(Ha ha, my goal is to make you feel so bad if you don't read it, that you read it!)

Like the colors and background!

Oh, and it's called 'elven'. Just an FYI!

yaviel said...

I like it! did you know that my first name in elvish is Yaviel, (which is why i use it on the internet!) =)

Victoria said...

Rose: So that was your plan! *shocked face* Just remember I said I would read the book, not fall in love with it! *doesn't tell Rose that she has a feeling that she might*

Yaviel: I knew it!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! You have joined the ranks of the LOTR nuts! Welcome! *hug*

Your niece,
Rachel Gimli (just a nickname I am no dwarf *wink*) a.k.a Lady Rachel

Rose said...


Can one die of happiness?

But just to be safe... I shall not die until you read it.

The Fellowship is my favorite of the three, but be not afraid, the rest are great too! And after you read the LotR, you should find a book about the religion (Catholicism) that is contained in them, and then you shall like it even more!