Monday, November 3, 2008

One Day Left...

...till the US is changed forever......Alright, I am assuming that Obama will win the elections, who doesn't?! I pray and hope that he will not get into office, because if he does the US will never be the same; schools, family life, life itself, a personal rights, freedom of speech, and government. This man scares me and many others; all I see when I think of him in the White House is a Communistic government. I am afraid for homeschoolers like myself, that he would make homeschooling illegal. I envision that he will pass laws that will take the rights of parents away to raise their children as they see fit. I envision lives of millions of unborn children never having a chance to be born, and so many other things. Fellow citizens of the United States of America, this is what I see if Barack Hussein Obama is elected tomorrow, November 4, 2008; that the Land of the Free will be just another land of communism and fear. I implore you to give your vote to John McCain and Sarah Palin, so that the USA can go on being the Land of the Free!


Claire said...

Vicki, I know that the mass media is doing their utmost to call the election for Obama, but hey -- haven't they tried to pre-crown the liberal candidate before just about every election for the past 35 years? (At least for the last 10; which is about how many I can remember! :)

Let's not lose hope. The people of God have beautifully united to do battle against the forces of evil for which Senator Obama stands (note: I am not classifying him as evil, but what he stands for as evil).

Anyway, keep the faith! I don't know if you've been on my blog lately, but in my daily election coverage I try to balance "disturbing" stories with hopeful ones!

Hope you're doing well! I miss you and think of you often!

Your Sister in Christ,

P.S. By the way, Amanda may have told you, but we distributed nearly 12,000 pro-life voter's guides to area Churches this past weekend. I tell you, that kind of effort is exhausting but rewarding! :)

Victoria said...

Thank you Claire! I needed that; I was getting kinda depressed by it. I do need to trust more in God.

I have been reading your blog and I thank you for all the great posts and videos! It has been great.

I talked to Amanda today and she told me about it...that is so awesome!

I miss you too! Pray that I can come to the "Silent Nativity Play." I really want to make it but I am not sure if we can.

God bless you,